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Code of Conduct

By playing in a MZU game, you are agreeing to follow this Code of Conduct, which emphasizes fair play, competition and spirit.

1. I will play with spirit

I will always play fair, with spirit and abide by the rules of the game.

2. I will respect my teammates and opponents

I will respect the game and play to win. I will believe that all my teammates and opponents are playing with spirit, abiding by the rules, and making calls with integrity.

3. I will play with safety in mind

I will never play in a way that endangers another player’s safety or well-being.

4. I will respect the rules

I will learn, respect and uphold the rules of Ultimate to ensure fair and competitive play.

5. I will abide by all MZU policies

I will understand and abide by all MZU policies and rules. I understand that violations of these policies will be investigated and disciplinary measures will be applied to me and/or my team.

6. I will respect the playing field

I understand that playing fields are a critical resource and require protection. I will not act in a way that damages the field, MZU’s ability to secure field space, or impacts other users of the park.

7. I will promote a respectful playing atmosphere

I will not act aggressively, violently, or harass another player, spectator or Board Member.

8. I will respect the sport of Ultimate and Mile Zero Ultimate

When playing or representing MZU, I will be a positive ambassador for Ultimate and for our league.

9. I will report any issues to MZU

I will work to address any issues on the field to ensure a fun, fair game. l will report all issues and disputes, and their outcomes, to MZU.

10. I understand that Ultimate is not refereed by MZU

I understand that MZU leagues and events are unsupervised and not refereed by any third party or any official or representative of MZU.

(Adapted from the Toronto Ultimate Club).