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Techniplex 4v4 Fields

Here is a field map for the 4v4 fields at the Techniplex.

Bowring Park

Play at the Jamie Morry Soccer field in the southwest corner of Bowring Park.
Parking at the intersection of Waterford Bridge Road and Park Road.

Bowring Park

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Bowring Park Map


Brother Egan

Play near downtown at Brother Egan. The field is at the intersection of Leslie Street and Warbury Street, just downhill from the Labatt brewery.
Parking lot in the North-East corner off of Leslie Street, or street parking nearby, such as on Warbury Street.

Bowring Park Map


Feildian Grounds

Large outdoor field in the centre of the city, often used for MZU Summer League playoff day.
Some parking available on-site or nearby streets. Do not park on Portugal Cove Rd.


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King George V

Entrance on Carnell Drive at Quidi Vidi Lake in St. John’s.
Parking is available at the lower part of the Dominion Shopping Centre on Lake Ave.


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Kitty Gaul

Outdoor field in the West End of St. John’s, parking is available via Birmingham Street.
We play on the Soccer field in the North-East end of the park.

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Lower Ayre

The Lower Ayre field is next to the hockey arena on Pennywell Road.
Access the parking lot via Linscott Street.
Note: Linscott is now one-way, Southbound from Freshwater Rd.


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Mundy Pond

Outdoor field in the West End of St. John’s, near the Dominion on Blackmarsh.
Parking for the Mundy Pond Soccer Pitch is at 56 Blackler Avenue.

Walk past the playground to the South-East end of the park. If you find yourself in the pond, dog park or baseball field, you went the wrong way!

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Soccer fields in the Southlands subdivision of St. John’s accessible via Teakwood Drive.

Take Highway 2 / Pitts Memorial Drive and exit at the Goulds / Ruby Line exit towards Glendenning Golf Course.
Follow Southlands Blvd South, and turn left onto Teakwood Drive.


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Team Gushue Sports Complex

Team Gushue Sports Complex off of Smallwood Drive. 44 Arena Rd.
Turf field in Mount Pearl.
Drive through the complex (past the skate park and baseball diamonds), and you’ll arrive at the field.

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The Techniplex

The Indoor Turf Field on Churchill Avenue, next to Quidi Vidi Lake, in Pleasantville in St. John’s.


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