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Spirit Scores

Spirit Scores

Spirit points are a rating which each team must give the other team at the end of every game using the Game Reporting tool, as can be seen below:

MZU - SpiritScoreSheet-REV

Team’s exact spirit scores are not visible on the website, but a symbol indicates the range in which their score falls. 

spirit_not_ok  0 to <5: Poor spirit! If you fall into this category regularly, you’ll be hearing from the Board.
spirit_caution  5 to <10: Needs work! You’re doing ok, but you need to raise your game.
spirit_perfect  10 to <15: Good job! You have average to excellent spirit, so keep striving to be better.
spirit_ok  15-20: WHOAH. You’re awesome. Keep it up!

The team with the top spirit score at the end of a league is named most spirited team and depending on the league, may win a prize. Conversely, a team with consistently low spirit scores could face action by the Board.

Click here for an expanded version of the score sheet.


Check out this handy guide for some more info about Spirit of the Game and for more details about how to calculate Spirit Scores.

Spirit Player of the Game 

At the end of each game, Captains should consult with their team and select the Spirit Player of the Game on the opposing team and announce in a post-game Spirit Circle.

The Spirit Player isn’t necessarily the player who scored the most points, who brought cupcakes for everyone or who got injured (although it could be!) – they should be the individual who played with integrity, respect and honesty.

The players who have been named this the most in a season will be named our Most Spirited Players and receive a prize.