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Beginner’s Guide

Mile Zero Ultimate is welcoming to new and experienced players alike! Whether you know folks playing or just want to jump in and meet some great people, this is a sport you can feel at home in.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Learn about Ultimate

We have lots of great resources to introduce you to Ultimate, including:

2. Learn about MZU

Mile Zero Ultimate is a co-ed 19+ league (see full eligibility rules here!) based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We have over 500 members and have been running indoor and outdoor leagues all year round for 10 years! We are an adult rec league with a strong focus on growing the sport, while also promoting Spirit of the Game.

Oh, and when you hear the word ‘Zuluru’ being tossed around, it’s the web-based system we use to schedule games, collect scores, rosters, etc! It’s accessible via the links on the left hand menu on the main page.

3. Find a League

Mile Zero Ultimate runs a number of leagues indoors and outdoors over the course of a year. There are two types of Leagues;

  • Hat Leagues – Players register as an individual or in pairs and MZU builds teams.
  • Team Leagues – Players register as a full team.

Learn more about our Leagues.

4. Register or join a Waitlist

If there is an open registration period ongoing or upcoming, sign up! Learn how to Register by clicking here.

5. Stay informed

Like us on Facebook, sign up for our Mailing List, and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

6. Questions?

Email the Board at if you have any questions!