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  • Do I have to order a jersey for Summer League?

    Yes, it is included in your registration fee and to ensure a low price for everyone in terms of ordering efficiency, it’s part of the deal. BUT, if your team is getting your own ones made, please consider donating to a charitable cause.

  • What is the sizing for Summer League jerseys?

    All the details are here! 

  • What if I don’t register on time for a League?

    Anyone who wants to register for a league in progress must join the waitlist – players will be added once spots are available. Learn more about our waitlist here. 

  • I registered but didn’t pay, what’s the dealio?

    To us, you aren’t registered. You gotta pay to play. No holding spots.

  • Huck? Cut? Poach? What do these words mean!

    There’s a lot of jargon and lingo in Ultimate, but thanks to the great gang at the Vancouver Ultimate League we have a great guide to terms and jargon!

  • I’m a first time Captain, how do I enter the scores?

    It’s easy, when you Login at you will see a link to enter the score from your game. Then, just go through step by step – we’ve even made a guide here!

  • What is Zuluru?

    Zuluru is the web-based system MZU uses to schedule games, collect scores, rosters, etc! It is a web-based system and is accessible via the links on the left hand menu on the main page. 

  • I get a PayPal error message, what should I do?

    If you get the timeout message, try another web browser or just wait a few minutes and try to pay again. This is a PayPal issue and not something we can control.

    If you get the cookies message (which seems to happen more in Chrome than other browsers), first check your browser settings as the screen instructs. Then, try a new browser or relaunch your browser.

    Any other issues, please email us at

  • Do I need a team to sign up with, or can I join solo?

    It depends on the Leagues! For our Hat Leagues you can ONLY sign up solo or as a pair, and then for our Team Leagues it depends even more. Our Summer Team League means you can sign up in small groups, full teams, or solo … But Winter and Fall Team Leagues require a team. Learn more here!

  • I’m new and have never played, is that ok?

    We’re super friendly. Maybe even too friendly. Whether you’re new to the sport or have played in a past life, we’re welcoming to all – so check out our Beginner’s Guide to get Started.

  • I’m having trouble registering, can you help?

    Yes! We’ve created an easy guide to register here or visit or How to Register Page.

  • Can I pay with cash?

    Sorry, we only accept PayPal! You don’t need a visa or a specific account, there are a number of easy ways to pay with PayPal.

  • Can we enter an all female team into one of your leagues?

    Simply put, no. But, for a good reason – we are a co-ed league and over the past number of years we have been driven to make MZU as gender-neutral as possible. Please take a look at the team and field compositions of our most popular leagues.

    7 on 7 Leagues:

    • Team Composition: 14 player minimum, with a minimum of 6 of either gender
    • Field Composition: 7 on 7, with a minimum of 3 of each gender (the other team is NOT requred to match)

    5 on 5 Leagues:

    • Team Composition: 10 player minimum, with a typical composition of 6 males and 4 males. (Note: Based on registration numbers, teams may have 5 males/5 females or 4 males/6 females).
    • Field Composition: 5 on 5, with a male to female ratio of 3:2 or 2:3, other team not required to match.


  • What should I wear to the field?

    Cleats are recommended, but metal spikes are not allowed. Other than that, dress in athletic gear for the weather and be sure to bring some water.

  • Why aren’t there observers at games?

    Observers has been something we’ve thought about but it comes down to man power once again… with one qualified observer who isn’t here full-time (plus plays in our leagues!), it becomes tricky.  For semi-final and final round games it is something we will reconsider for future seasons.

    If you notice poor spirit and it can’t be dealt with on the field, the best way to deal with it is to submit a complaint to  – we can’t enforce spirit violations if we don’t know about them. And, as a reminder – observers do not get involved in enforcing spirit of the game, they are there to get involved in rule disputes and other similar issues. Further, when 2 players can sort out an issue themselves without any outside assistance, we truly feel that’s one of the bet ways to contribute to SOTG.

  • What are you doing to secure better field space?

    MZU Board members are constantly working to get better fields – we’re meeting with the City, field owners, making calls, sweet talking in every way we can. Seriously, it’s not an easy job. But, what we have found is that soccer (adult/youth) has first priority over fields, not only have they been around way longer, they are just bigger entities and seem to have more sway over booking.

    Buying a field is simply not an option, we’re talking 100’s of thousands of buckeroos. And we simply do not have the cash or the volunteers to manage a field. We are able to keep summer costs low because we use cheap outdoor fields – using lit fields (KGV / Gushue) would increase the cost significantly and we like to keep one season very affordable.

    If you have any contacts that could be of assistance to use, please contact us at

  • How do you ensure even teams in Hat Leagues?

    Every season, we work hard to make the teams as even as possible, and while we do put a lot of weight into self-rankings, we also use our knowledge of players to ensure they are accurate. BUT, there are always dark horses, new players and chemistry that we can’t predict. Making X number of even teams is very very difficult. There will always be a team that wins most of their games and one that loses most. 

    In the past, we have tried to run a draft, but the last 2-3 times we did not get enough volunteers to step forward. Moving forward, we will reopen this possibility, but we need your help to make it happen!