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How to Register

Notice: Members MUST pay their Ultimate NL (Provincial Sports Organization) Membership Fees before registering for an MZU league. These must be paid through the Ultimate NL website here.

MZU leagues use two types of registration systems, either you sign up/pay as an individual (for Hat AND Team Leagues) or your Captain signs up a team (Team League only). Leagues will be clearly marked as one or the other. You can also learn more about Fees here.

To register you need to create an account within our Zuluru system – Zuluru is just the fancy name for the web-based system that we use to schedule games, collect scores, rosters, etc! 


Individual Registration:

  1. Member Login at
  2. Select Registration -> All Events
  3. Select the Event/League you would like and fill out the form
  4. Check out! (If you don’t pay, you’re not registered)

Team Registration: 

  • This means one person (Captain) will sign up your team and pay the entire registration fee.
    • The Captain signs up in the same manner as above.
  • That Captain will then have to invite their teammates to sign up (simple email confirmation) to fill out the roster.
    • Players must have created an account and paid their UNL fees before a Captain can add them to the team.
    • By paying the team registration fee, the Captain assumes all responsibility for fee collection within their team. MZU does not take responsibility, nor will it get involved, in fee collection disputes within teams.

If registration period has ended: Join our waitlist, check out our Facebook Subbing Page to try and sub, or mark the next upcoming league in your calendar.

Join the Waitlist

When a league becomes full (maximum number of players per gender is reached) or registration has closed, players wanting to join can sign up for the waitlist and wait for a spot to become available.

How to sign up for the waitlist:

  1. Follow the registration process for a league as normal.
  2. As soon as the League is added to your ‘cart’, you have joined the waitlist.
  3. No payment needed

The list is organized based on gender, on a first-come, first-served manner. If a spot becomes available, the first qualifying player on the waitlist has the choice to accept or refuse this spot.

  • A player has 48 hours to pay and accept the spot, otherwise the next person on the waitlist will be approached.

View our Roster Management page for more information on how to get added to a team.