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Subbing Eligibility

Often times teams will require substitutes in order to have enough players to field a game. A substitute player must meet the following criteria:

  • Players MUST be a registered player in the league, or have filled out the unregistered player waiver here;
  • Be at least 18 years of age by the end of 2019;
  • Not be suspended from MZU or any other UNL leagues;
  • Not have already subbed in the maximum number of games allowed during current season.

Captains and Subbing

  • Captains must communicate before games regarding subs
    • The opposing captain has to be aware of and agree to the proposed sub. This communication should happen in a timely manner, with no intentional delays in responses.
    • The league encourages Captains to begin this discussion as far in advance as possible. The preferred options would be to email the opposing captain at least 48 hours ahead of game time.
    • In the event of last-minute absences, this conversation can occur during the pre-game Captains discussion.
    • If a sub is declined by the opposing captain, the team requiring a sub should look for alternate sub options. It’s for this reason that teams are encouraged to start communication well in advance of a game.
    • If there is a disagreement among Captains surrounding the appropriateness of a sub, and the proposing team feels strongly that the sub they suggested is fair and reasonable, they may contact VP League to contest the matter. This communication must occur at least 36 hours before the game, and should include details of the situation.
        • Captains should still make every effort to resolve the situation themselves (e.g., finding an alternate sub) and contacting VP League should be a last resort to resolve the situation.
        • The decision of a Captain to contact VP League should not be seen as unspirited by the opposing team.
        • After a review, VP League has the ability to overturn the opposing Captain’s decision to decline a sub and allow them to participate in the game.
  • Captains should always ensure that players are eligible, the Captains Clause can not be used to circumvent eligibility/subbing rules.
    • If players participate in a game where they are not an eligible sub, the game will be defaulted.

Captains MUST record subs post-game, failure to do this may result in penalty. MZU is continually trying to improve subbing policies and captains’ cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Subbing Rules


  • Registered Player is one who has registered for the current league and is on the roster of a team playing in the current league.
  • Unregistered Player is one who has not registered for the current league and is not on the roster of a team playing in the current league.

Regular Season Subbing Rules (Hat Leagues):

  • Subs can only be used in the case of an injured or missing player.
  • Registered Players can sub a MAXIMUM OF FOUR games per season.
  • Unregistered Players can sub in a MAXIMUM OF FOUR games per season.
  • There is NO FEE to sub.
  • Players can sub with multiple teams.
  • Players can sub multiple games on the same night (each game counts towards the total number of allowed games).
  • Subs should be made in accordance with Spirit of the Game.
    • The subbing player should not greatly influence the outcome of the game.
    • Should the substitute player or captains determine that the sub outclasses the level at which they are playing, the sub should adjust accordingly to match the game play.

Regular Season Subbing Rules (Build-It-Yourself Leagues):

  • By default, teams are only allowed to have subs in the regular season so that they have 6 male-matching and 6 female-matching players in 7v7 leagues, 5 male-matching and 5 female-matching players in 6v6 leagues, or 5 male-matching and 5 female-matching players in 5v5 leagues.
    • Under the Captain’s Clause, Captains can ask for special permission to obtain extra subs.
  • The number of substitute players may not exceed the number of rostered players participating in the game. This applies individually to female-matching and male-matching players. For example, if there are 2 rostered female-matching players, and 3 female-matching player subs, then they are not in line with this policy.
  • Registered Players can sub a MAXIMUM OF FOUR games per season.
  • Unregistered Players can sub in a MAXIMUM OF FOUR games per season.
  • There is NO FEE to sub.
  • Players can sub with multiple teams.
  • Players can sub multiple games on the same night (each game counts towards the total number of allowed games).
  • Subs should be made in accordance with Spirit of the Game
    • The subbing player should not greatly influence the outcome of the game.
    • Should the substitute player or captains determine that the sub outclasses the level at which they are playing, the sub should adjust accordingly to match the game play.

Playoff Subbing Rules (All Leagues):

  • Registered Players CANNOT sub in a playoff game.
  • Unregistered Players can sub ONE PLAYOFF GAME (which counts towards the total number of allowed games).
  • Teams are only allowed to have subs in playoffs so they have a maximum of the following:
    • 7v7 Leagues – 5 male-matching and 5 female-matching players
    • 6v6 League – 5 male-matching and 5 female-matching players
    • 5v5 League – 4 male-matching and 4 female-matching players 
    • 4v4 League – 4 male-matching and 4 female-matching players
  • All other subbing eligibility rules still apply (e.g.: equal or lesser playing level, agreement among captains prior to game)
[Updated September 2019.]


(adapted from TUC)

Introduction and Purpose

  1. Mile Zero Ultimate (MZU) operates under an Inclusivity Policy which governs all leagues and events. MZU is committed to implementing this policy in a fair and equitable manner.                                      
  2. The aim of this policy is to create an environment in which all members feel welcome, respected, and able to fully participate in our events and leagues. It sets out our collective commitment to the principles of equality, diversity, inclusion, and SOTG which we place at the heart of everything we do.                                    
  3. We are aware that certain social structures may serve to disadvantage particular groups (including but not limited to Black, Indigenous, people of colour, women, the LGBT+ community, and people with disabilities) and therefore this policy aims to remedy that imbalance by actively challenging oppressive and discriminatory behaviour.
  4. We expect our members to always act as ambassadors of the sport of Ultimate and act accordingly.                       
  5. MZU complies with the Human Rights Code of Canada and this policy exists as a MZU specific extension to the Human Rights Code of Canada.

Zero Tolerance                                             

  1. To ensure this environment is maintained we operate a Zero-Tolerance approach to the following behaviours towards any members, participants, and towards the general public.
    1. Harassment, defined as comment, conduct, or gesture directed towards an individual or group of individuals, which is known or ought reasonably to be known as insulting, vexatious, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading, or offensive. (For complete definition, please see MZU Harassment Policy).
    2. Abuse, covering verbal, emotional, psychological, and physical abuse, including sexual assault, which results in an individual or group feeling intimidated or unsafe.
    3. Violence, defined as any act of intentional harm, intimidation or aggression, including threats of harm.
    4. Discrimination, including verbal and physical expressions of discrimination, based on any of the following characteristics:                                                          
      1. Race
      2. National or ethnic origin
      3. Religion
      4. Age
      5. Sex
      6. Marital status
      7. Disability
      8. Sexual orientation
      9. Gender identity
      10. Gender expression
      11. Colour
      12. Family status
      13. Genetic characteristics
      14. Mental health status                           

Actions for Inclusion

  1. All members and participants are accountable for their own conduct and must refrain from any of the behaviours listed above. We would also encourage everyone to:
    1. Be aware of the connotations of their language.
    2. Avoid making assumptions about another person’s gender, pronouns, sexuality, disability, ethnic identity, or life experiences.
    3. Be prepared to challenge harassment and discrimination if they are witness to an incident, and where appropriate to report it.
    4. Be open if challenged on their own behaviour, and to learn from the experience.
    5. Be respectful of another’s physical and emotional boundaries.


  1. This policy applies to any person approved for membership as defined in the MZU By-Laws.
  2. For the purposes of this policy, sport and/or workplace harassment can occur in, but is not limited to, the following places:
    1. at MZU sporting leagues, tournaments, training sessions, and clinics or workshops;
    2. at MZU-related social functions;
    3. at the business functions of MZU, such as meetings, conferences, training sessions and workshops;
    4. through any form of MZU related communication device/system including but not limited to email, websites, social media;
    5. any formal or informal location where the harassment of a person is a result of their sport-related involvement.

Breaches of the Policy

  1. We actively encourage the reporting of incidents that constitute a breach of the Inclusivity Policy. It is the collective responsibility of all to uphold good conduct and challenge others’ unacceptable behaviour when personal safety is not at risk. We do not encourage individuals to respond when doing so could put their safety in jeopardy (eg breaking up a fight). If you experience or witness an incident which you believe is in breach of the Inclusivity Policy you can report it through either:   
    1. Incident Reporting Form accessible by captains when submitting game scores.
    2. Inclusivity Incident Reporting Form which can be accessed here.
    3. Directly to
  2. At such times that the policy is breached, MZU will follow the discipline and appeals procedure as outlined in the Discipline Policy and Harassment Policy.


Discipline Policy (adapted from TUC)

In order to deal fairly and transparently with incidents of poor spirit, overly aggressive play and other problems, this discipline policy has been developed for MZU league teams and players. The overriding objectives are to maintain a fun & safe atmosphere at all games and to maintain good relationships with our field providers and the public. Participation in a MZU league or event signifies acceptance of this policy. This policy complements the Code of Conduct and applies whenever you are representing MZU, which means the whole time you are at the playing field – before, during & after your game.

There are several guiding principles. First, when discipline is warranted, the actions undertaken must be objective, noticeable & timely. Incidents will be investigated & resolved 7-10 days from the complaint date and if sanctions are applied, they will be published to everyone concerned. Non-responsiveness (no response within 3 days) will be seen as an act of poor spirit and can result in its own disciplinary action. Please ensure that team representatives/captains are responsive individuals. Second, teams are collectively responsible for the actions of their members and, if warranted, sanctions may be applied to the whole team. This means that each team captain should choose his/her teammates with care and ensure that all are aware of the Code of Conduct. Repeat offenders will be dealt with more harshly than first time offenders given their full awareness and understanding of the implications. Third, very serious incidents, as specified below, will result in immediate expulsion.

Captain’s Responsibilities

Team captains must:
– know and understand the MZU rules and policies outlined here and ensure that their teammates are aware of them
– take action immediately to defuse the situation upon becoming aware that tensions are rising
– in their absence, appoint a Co-Captain to administer the above responsibilities

It is the responsibility of team captains to report incidents of poor spirit and dangerous play as soon as possible using the online incident report tool in Zuluru, or by emailing Unreported problems will not be investigated or resolved.
Please include in the complaint:
– The date on which the incident took place
– Where it took place
– Your team name and the opposing team’s name
– The player(s) in question
– The nature of the incident (as much detail as possible)
Complaints will be handled by the Discipline Committee. The Executive of the league (the President and the Vice Presidents) are considered to be the Discipline Committee. In the event of a conflict of interest amongst one or more members of the Committee, they will be replaced by another board member for that instance.

Poor Spirit & Dangerous Play

1. Offensive and/or unsportsmanlike conduct, (e.g. taunting, name calling, swearing, derogatory language, issuing threats) will not be tolerated. Overly aggressive and/or rough play (e.g. intimidation, charging into stationary players, repeated fouls) will not be tolerated either. If reports of such behaviour are received and found to be valid, the following steps will be taken:
a. First strike – player and/or team receives a formal written (or email) warning. Resources will be provided to help the player/team learn from the incident, if applicable.
b. Second strike – player and team receive a second warning and the game in which the incident occurred is forfeited
c. Third strike – player and/or team is suspended from MZU league(s) and event(s), per the discretion of the Discipline Committee. Each strike will be kept on file for 2 years. If a person accumulates 3 strikes in a 2 year period they will automatically be suspended for a minimum of one full year, effective the date of the actioned 3rd strike. The Discipline Committee, at their discretion, may impose a longer reprimand.

2. Dangerous Play may also include the playing of a game with an exposed and bleeding wound. Failure to leave the field and properly bandage the wound before returning is considered dangerous play. Furthermore continued play after a serious injury (i.e. large cuts, shortness of breath, heavy blow to the head) with the expressed concern of teammates and opponents, is also considered dangerous play.

3.Failure to adhere to current public health regulations (i.e. COVID-19) as they pertain to ultimate may also constitute dangerous play.

4. Anyone who throws a punch or is involved in a fight, whether as instigator or in retaliation, will be suspended from the league/event immediately without refund and considered for expulsion. Additional sanctions may be applied to the instigator’s team.

Mile Zero Ultimate reserves the right to suspend or expel a player or team from the league without prior warning and without a refund.

Public Conduct

5. Any team or player(s) involved in an incident, which jeopardizes or results in the loss of MZU field permits or partnerships, will be suspended from the league without refund and considered for expulsion. Such incidents may involve complaints by the public in regards to improperly parked cars, speeding, excessive noise, drinking alcohol, loose dogs, litter, rudeness, and urinating in public.

6. The consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs is NOT allowed at the fields, whether before, during or after a game. Any team involved in such an incident will be suspended from the league. Repeated incidents will be considered for expulsion.

Definition of Terms

Suspension: a player or team that is suspended will not be eligible to participate in any MZU leagues, events, or programs for a period of time as defined by the Discipline Committee. Should the time period extend to the end of the membership year the suspended player or team must seek approval to renew their membership.
Expulsion: a player or team that is expelled is no longer eligible to participate in any MZU leagues, events, or programs.


The names of those involved in, or witness to, an incident will not be released to the public. Some information regarding incidents may be released, and names may be given to Board Members and Captains if required by the Discipline Policy. However, no information will be released that would enable the general public to resolve the individuals involved in a specific incident. It must be noted that any and all information regarding a specific incident will be made available to appropriate authorities where MZU is required by law to provide this information.

Roster Management

Teams are required to maintain a minimum number of players on their roster, as established by our Team and Field Composition Rules. 

  • 7 on 7 Leagues: At least 14 players, with a minimum of 6 male-matching and 6 female-matching players.
  • 5 on 5 Leagues: At least 10 players, with a minimum of 5 male-matching players and 5 female-matching players.

Hat Leagues

If a team’s roster goes below the minimum number of players due to injury or refund, or a team requires an additional player because of attendance issues, a player will be added by MZU to the team via the Waitlist.

  • Players will be selected from the Waitlist on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Players have 48 hours to accept their spot, otherwise the next person will be approached.
  • Teams in this situation cannot refuse players.
  • If there are no players on the waitlist, teams can recruit a player and let MZU know.
  • If a team has a full roster, but experiences attendance issues, MZU will contact the team to ensure  the players on the team, by consensus and free of pressure, agree to add extra players.

Team Leagues

There is no maximum roster size for Team Leagues, but a team must maintain the minimum roster size in one of two ways:

  1. Recruit their own players and add to the team by emailing
  2. The Board will add a player via the Waitlist
    • Players will be placed on a first come, first serve basis by the Board to teams needing players
      • Players have 48 hours to accept their spot, otherwise the next person will be approached.
    • Teams that don’t meet minimum roster requirements cannot refuse players.
    • Players can refuse a spot, however, and the spot will be opened up to the next available player.



Registered Players

To play as a registered individual in any MZU league, you must be all of the following:

1. At least 18 years of age

  • If a player turns 18 after the season begins, they are eligible to be recruited by a team seeking additional players or to put their name on the waitlist and enter the league if space is available

2. Be registered with the league

3. Have paid the MZU membership fee for the respective league

4. Have paid the Ultimate NL membership fee for the current year

5. Be a member in good standing of Ultimate Newfoundland and Labrador (Ultimate NL)

6. Be a member in good standing of Mile Zero Ultimate (MZU)

  • Suspended players may not take part in any aspect of the game, including coaching the team from the sidelines.

7. To play in MZU playoffs as a registered player, a player must have played in at least 25% (round up if necessary) of regular season game (as either a sub or registered player) with that same team.  

Substitute Players

To play as a substitute player in any MZU league, individuals must meet the following criteria:

1. Be at least 18 years of age

  • If a player turns 18 after the season begins, they are eligible to play as a substitute player after their 18th birthday.

2. Not be suspended from MZU or any other Ultimate NL leagues.

3. Be registered as a substitute player with an online profile at, or be already registered for the current league in which they are subbing.

4. Not have already subbed in the maximum number of games allowed during current season

Learn more about subbing rules here.

If a player does not meet the above criteria and plays in a game (besides special circumstances approved by the Board), disciplinary action may be taken and the game will automatically be considered a default. Learn more about defaults here.



Summer 7 on 7 League

We strongly recommend that teams attempt to field a team in the original timeslot. We will, however, attempt to reschedule the game if given 48 hours notice by emailing: Rescheduling is dependant on field space MZU has available – no fields, no reschedule. There will also be NO RESCHEDULES during the last week of Summer League.

The rescheduling process will be as follows:

  1. Team emails VP League at least 48 hours before their game
  2. VP League provides up to 2 new timeslot options for the game to be played – if field space is available.
  3. BOTH teams have to agree on the rescheduled time slot.
  4. If both teams agree, games goes ahead in the new time slot. If both teams DO NOT agree, then the game goes ahead as regularly scheduled OR is considered a default.

Note: Teams SHOULD NOT contact the City to secure additional field space – all field bookings for MZU are required to go through us as per the City’s request. Don’t get us in trouble.

5 on 5 Leagues

Due to the structured schedule and timeslots for these games, there is no rescheduling of games.


We’re a tough bunch at MZU, so we do play in rain – but there are times that games might be canceled or postponed.

  • MZU bases its decision on whether the City of St. John’s and/or private fields are keeping their fields open
  • MZU will also assess current conditions and make a decision by 2:00pm if necessary.  However, due to escalating weather, games may be canceled with less notice.
  • MZU will inform membership via the mailing list, website and Facebook of any cancellations. 
  • If Captains are not notified or there is no other form of update, they should assume that games ARE going ahead
  • Even if a game is not canceled, conditions should be assessed as per the Captain’s Assessment below.

Captains Assessment

Even if games have not been officially postponed, Captains should do an assessment of field conditions to ensure they are safe to play in. If Captains agree that conditions are not suitable for play, stop playing and notify the VP, League based on the following circumstances:

  • Dangerous playing conditions such as lightning or hail. Lightning in the area is cause to immediately stop any game.
  • To safeguard a field against damage (because of heavy rain causing saturated soil conditions).
During Summer League, if the game is stopped due to weather after 6:30 pm, for the early game, or 8:00pm, for the late game, the game will be considered complete and the score final. Games that are postponed before the above noted times will be rescheduled and re-played in their entirety. The League Committee will work with captains to reschedule the game.

Weather Related Timeouts

If prior to the start of a game, the weather is deemed to be a potential issue for some players or result in series of long points (e.g., extreme temperatures, gale force winds, etc.), Captains can agree that if a point lasts in excess of 20 minutes a weather timeout will be called, and they can decide whether or not substitutions will be allowed during this timeout.


When teams are tied in the standings, the following tiebreakers will be used. For leagues that use a ladder system, these methods will be used based on the current round only.

1. Most Wins

  • The team who has the most wins recorded wins the tiebreaker.

2. Head-to-Head 

  • If the teams who are tied have played each other, the team who won that game wins the tiebreaker.

3. Head-to-Head Plus-Minus

  • The team with the higher plus-minus for those games wins the tiebreaker.

4. Plus-Minus

  • The team with the higher plus-minus wins the tiebreaker.

5. Goals For

  • If steps 1 – 3 result in a tie, the team with the most goals scored in the round wins the tiebreaker.

6. Losses

  • The team with fewest losses wins the tiebreaker.

7. Spirit Score

  • If all of the above conditions still result in a tie, the team with the highest spirit score wins the tiebreaker.

8. Coin Flip

  • If the scores are still equal, we will have a coin flip to determine the winner.

Refunds & Fees


Fees for each league are determined by the Board of Directors in advance of each league and are collected via PayPal only. All fees must be paid to be considered registered.  In addition to the MZU league registration fees, players must pay an annual fee, always as individuals, to Ultimate Newfoundland and Labrador (Ultimate NL).

Depending on the type of league, fees will be collected in one of two ways:

  • Individual Player Registration Fees: Each player pays their registration fee themselves

    • Ultimate NL Fees: To be paid separately via Ultimate NL’s website: Ultimate NL Membership.

    • Prorated Fees: Any member registering late for a MZU League will be required to pay a fee based upon a pro-rated system. Fees will be pro-rated on a per week basis, based on the following week on the schedule. For example, a request in week 3 of a 12 week league would receive an invoice for weeks 4 through 12.
  • Team Registration Fees: The Captain pays the entire registration fee for their team. By paying the team registration fee, the Captain assumes all responsibility for fee collection within their team. MZU does not take responsibility, nor will it get involved, in fee collection disputes within teams.


Refunds will be given only under the following circumstances:

  • Individual Player Registration Refunds: 
    • By request of a player in writing before the first day of play of any given league. A full refund of league fees will be issued minus the amounts detailed below.
    • By request of a player in writing as a result of an injury that prevents them from playing in the remainder of the season.
    • Requests must be supported by written documentation from an attending physician or other medical professional clearly stating that the player is unable to play for the majority of the remainder of the season.
      • The physician’s note need not accompany the refund request, but must be submitted within 4 weeks of the request.
    • A pro-rated refund will be issued, minus the amounts detailed in the section below. Refunds will be pro-rated on a per week basis, based on the following week on the schedule. For example, a request in week 3 of a 12 week league would get a refund for weeks 4 through 12.
  • Team Registration Refunds:
    • By request of the Captain in writing a week before the first day of play of any given league. A full refund of league fees will be issued minus the amounts detailed below.
    • Refunds will be given to the Captain. This method will remove all players and the team from the league.

Any refunds will be subject to the following deductions:

  • Any PayPal fees, that may be incurred.
  • Any merchandise (and its associated cost) that has been ordered on the player’s behalf (notably, summer league jerseys). Such merchandise will be delivered to the player.
  • Any fees or memberships collected by the league and remitted to third parties on the player’s behalf, such as the Ultimate NL membership.

Ultimate NL

Ultimate NL fees are paid on an annual basis by all players in Newfoundland and Labrador. Fees are calculated using June 1st to May 31st as the base program year. Because fees are directly related to services members receive, registration is pro-rated depending on the time of year that a player applies for membership. The fee structure is broken down as follows:

  • Annual Membership (June 1st to May 31st) – Paid by December 31st: $30
  • Winter Membership (Jan 1st to May 31st) – Paid Jan 1 or later: $15

Learn more about Ultimate NL here.

Player Safety & Injury

In the interest of safety, any player with an injury/illness that could reasonably be expected to impact the health of another player will be barred from playing a league game. If you’re unsure, please contact a Board member. Some examples would include:

  • Hard plaster casts on arms/hands are not allowed. While you may still be capable of playing, the risk of someone getting hit with the cast is too high.
  • Infectious disease – In the event of a viral outbreak, any player known to be a carrier may be asked not to play. This one is hard to enforce, and we would hope that players will regulate themselves. Only in obvious circumstances will the Board step in on this matter.
  • Any other issue deemed dangerous by the Board.

Concussions / Head Injuries:

    1. If a member any suspected concussion (like hit to the head, loss of consciousness, removal from game from hit to head, etc.) it is recommended leave the game not return for the remainder of that day.
    2. If signs of a concussion develop, it is recommended that the player seek medical attention before returning to play.

Build It Yourself Lottery

  • Upon MZU announcing registration for a Build It Yourself League, Captains are required to express interest in submitting a team for the upcoming league. This must occur within the deadlines specified by the league.
  • To express interest, Captains must submit a minimum roster of 10 players, with a minimum of 5 female-matching and 5 male-matching players. Captains should submit the full first and last name of any player they are including on their roster. Players can only appear on one roster.
  • Captains who submit an incomplete roster or submit a roster after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Captains who express interest are not guaranteed a space in the league. If the number of Captains who express interest exceeds the available space in the league, MZU will hold a lottery.
  • Any teams who were waitlisted in a previous Build It Yourself League, and complied with the waitlist guidelines (see below) will gain automatic entry in the league.
  • All remaining teams will receive one (1) entry into a lottery.
  • Any team with an MZU Board Member(s) will receive one (1) additional entry into the lottery, for a MAXIMUM of two (2) entries per team with a board member(s).
  • All entries will then be entered into the draw. Teams will be selected one at a time until such a time as the league is full. Once the league is full, the draw will continue and all remaining teams will be put on the waitlist in the order drawn.
  • Teams who gained entry into the league will have a set amount of time to pay their team registration fee, invite their players, and have a minimum roster of 10 players, with a minimum of 5 female-matching and 5 male-matching players, who have accepted their invites.
  • If any teams fail to complete registration prior to the team registration deadline or backs out for any other reason, teams on the waitlist will be contacted (in order) until the league is full.
  • If a team from the waitlist gains entry into the current league, they are no longer guaranteed entry into the following league.


Build It Yourself Waitlisted Team Guidelines

  • To be guaranteed a spot in the next league, Captains on the waitlist must:
    • Submit a final roster (minimum of 10 eligible players, with a minimum of 5 female-matching and 5 male-matching players) to by the team registration deadline; AND
    • Ensure that at least 60% of their final roster does not play on a roster in the current Build It Yourself league; AND
    • Ensure that at least 60% of their final roster are on their submitted roster for the next league.


  • Players are able to choose how they participate based on their gender identity at that time. Mile Zero Ultimate will rely on Spirit of the Game to avoid any abuse of this approach by a player merely to obtain a competitive advantage.
  • A non-binary player may choose to take the place of a male or female player in their team`s gender ratio for the purposes of “Field Composition”.


Mile Zero Ultimate (MZU) collects the minimum amount of information from our members that is required to run an efficient Ultimate league in St. John’s. This Privacy Policy indicates the type of processes that may result in data being collected about you. By registering with this website and the zuluru system you are consenting to our right to collect such information

Registering with MZU requires certain information to be stored in our database. We will not share, sell or distribute the information you provide in any way beyond what is described below:

  • Your name will be posted on our website.
  • Your email will be distributed to your teammates to ensure efficient and effective communications.
  • If you sign up as a Captain, the other Captains will have access to your email/name.
  • If you sign up for the sub list, the information you provide will be shared with all Captains in the given league.
  • The email used to pay for any fees will be added to our mailing list (which can be easily unsubscribed from).
  • Your email, name and birthdate will be shared with Ultimate NL ( for use on their mailing list and for insurance purposes.
  • Any personal information collected via surveys or other means will not be distributed to third parties.

MZU volunteer photographers may be present at games and may take photographs which are posted on social media and our website. MZU will remove any images at the individual’s request.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or any concerns regarding MZUs handling of your personal information, please contact the board at