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Discrimination and Harassment

Effective April 2021


(I-1) Mile Zero Ultimate (MZU) is committed to providing a sport environment free of discrimination and harassment. MZU does not condone any form of discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, family status, disability, pardoned conviction. 

(I-2) Every member, volunteer, coach, spectator, and Board member of MZU has a responsibility to ensure that the MZU sport environment is free from discrimination and harassment. This means not engaging in, allowing, condoning, or ignoring behaviour contrary to this policy. In addition, MZU members, volunteers, and Board members are not permitted to engage in any form of coercion, retaliation, intimidation, discrimination or harassment directed against individuals involved in a complaint.

(I-3) MZU is responsible for:

  • Discouraging and preventing discrimination and harassment within MZU;
  • Investigating incident reports in a sensitive, confidential, and timely manner;
  • Imposing appropriate disciplinary or corrective measures when a complaint of discrimination or harassment has been substantiated; and
  • Regularly reviewing the terms of this policy.

(I-4) Players are responsible for:

  • Understanding and adhering to the MZU Code of Conduct, Rules, Harassment and Discrimination Policy, and this Discipline Policy;

(I-5) Team captains are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that their team members understand the MZU Code of Conduct, Rules, Harassment and Discrimination Policy, and Discipline Policy;
  • Taking immediate action to discuss, prevent, and address any team members’ conduct that violates this policy or MZU Code of Conduct;
  • Checking for and responding to communications from the MZU Board or committees in a timely manner; and
  • Delegating the above responsibilities to a co-captain or other team member if the captain is unavailable.


(II-1) This policy applies to all members, volunteers, coaches, spectators, and Board members of MZU. MZU requires that all members, volunteers, coaches, spectators, and Board members agree to and comply with the MZU Code of Conduct

(II-2) This policy applies to discrimination or harassment which may occur during the course of any MZU business, activity, and event.

(II-3) This Policy may also apply to the conduct of members, volunteers, coaches, spectators and Board members outside of MZU’s business, activities, and events when such conduct adversely affects relationships within MZU’s sport environment or is detrimental to the image and reputation of MZU. The jurisdiction of this Policy is determined by the MZU Board at its sole discretion.

(II-4) MZU encourages all incidents of discrimination or harassment to be reported in accordance with the complaint process below. This includes individuals who believe that another person has experienced or is experiencing discrimination or harassment. 


(III-1) MZU members and volunteers who experience or witness discrimination or harassment, should report it directly to 

(III-2) Complaints should include:

  • The date(s) on which the incident(s) took place;
  • Where the incident(s) took place;
  • The names of the individuals(s) involved; and
  • Details of the incident(s).

(III-3) All complaints will be promptly investigated and handled by the MZU Board or a committee appointed by MZU Board members. Any individual MZU Board member must recuse themself from the investigation and decision making process if they are directly involved in the complaint or if they have a conflict of interest.

(III-4) The MZU Board may perform a number of actions to investigate and resolve the complaint, including:

  • Confirm and/or gather information by communicating directly with the individuals and/or witnesses involved;
  • Explore informal resolution options between the individuals involved;
  • Refer the complaint to Ultimate NL;
  • Consult independent advisors, where necessary; and
  • Discipline individuals in accordance with the MZU Discipline Policy. 

(III-5) In all cases, the individual(s) directly involved in the incident(s) will be informed of the commencement of the investigation as well as the MZU Board (or committee) findings at the conclusion of the investigation. 

(III-6) Any and all communications with or submissions to the MZU Board (or committee) must be formally submitted to Individuals or witnesses involved in complaints are not permitted to contact individual MZU Board members or (committee members) regarding complaints or investigations.

(III-7) The MZU Board (or committee) will treat all complaints and investigations as confidential, unless otherwise required by law. The names of those involved in a complaint and the details of the complaint will be disclosed only to the extent necessary to facilitate a prompt and thorough investigation or to take appropriate disciplinary measures.


(IV-1) In the event there is a finding of discrimination or harassment against an individual, that individual will be disciplined in accordance with the MZU Discipline Policy


(V-1) The MZU Board reserves the absolute right to remove any content (including comments) on MZU social media pages and accounts. The MZU Board may pursue disciplinary measures (in accordance with the MZU Discipline Policy) against individuals who post discriminatory or harassing content.

(V-2) Any comments or suggestions regarding the removal of content on MZU social media must be directed to the MZU Board email: