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2018 Fall Outdoor Hat League

  • Season: Fall 2018
  • League Name: Fall Outdoor Hat League
  • Team Composition:  10 players, with a composition of 5 males and 5 females
  • Field Composition:  5 on 5, Gender Ratio to follow WFDF Ratio Rule ‘A’ (explained below), other team required to match
  • Fields: King George V Turf Field (ST. John’s) for weeks 1-6, Team Gushue Sports Complex Turf Field (Mount Pearl) for weeks 7-8
    Due to maintenance at KGV field, please note that weeks 7-8 of play will be take place at the Team Gushue Sports Complex Turf Field in Mount Pearl
  • Format:  18 teams, Zuluru Ranking System, USAU+MZU Rules, pull after each point.
  • Team Building: MZU Board Team Building
  • Registration:  Begins: Wednesday, August 8th, noon / Ends: Wednesday, September 5th, midnight
  • Signup:  Register as an individual or in pairs
  • When:  Sunday nights from 7-10pm
    Game 1: 7:00 PM, Field 1-3
    Game 2: 8:00 PM, Field 1-3
    Game 3: 9:00 PM, Field 1-3
  • Duration: 8 weeks – September 9th to November 4th
    No Games on October 7th (Thanksgiving Weekend)
  • Cost: $30 per individual + applicable UNL fees
  • Jerseys: NOT provided in Registration

Are you completely new to ultimate, or did you play in your first league in our Capital Subaru Summer League? Why not give our Fall Outdoor Hat League a try! As part of our New Player incentive, sign up for our Fall Outdoor Hat League and save $10 off the $30 registration fee*!

*When registering, you will be asked to pay the $30 fee. Please pay this amount in full. Once registration has closed, we will issue a refund of $10 back to all new players.*

WFDF Ratio Rule ‘A’: 

At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the gender ratio for the first point. For the second and third points the ratio must be the reverse of the first point. For the fourth and fifth points the ratio must be same as the first point. This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points repeats until the end of the game (half time has no impact on the pattern).

For example: Team A wins the flip and starts on defense with 3 women, 2 men. After the conclusion of the first point, the next two points are played with 2 women, 3 men, and then the next two points flip back to 3 women, 2 men. This pattern continues until the game’s end. This results in an even distribution of gender ratios within a mixed game.


If you would like to sign up as a sub for the Super Sunday Outdoor Hat League, please use this form.