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2021 Winter Toque League

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MZU is excited to announce details of its 2021 Winter Toque League! You will see below that we are offering a 6v6 format. We know the 4s league last year was a hit, but due to the current public health environment, we opted for the format that uses a larger field and offers more space. We will offer a 4s league again in the future, when physical distancing guidelines are behind us.

  • Team Composition:  10 players minimum; minimum 5 male-matching and 5 female-matching players
  • Field Composition:  6 on 6, with a gender ratio of 3 male-matching and 3 female-matching players at all times, other team required to match
  • Fields: Techniplex (indoor turf)
  • Format: 
    • Space for 12 teams (72 male-matching and 72 female-matching)
    • Speedpoint
    • Zuluru Ranking System
    • USAU 12th edition +MZU Rules
    • One week of playoffs (February 22nd)
  • Team Building: MZU Board Team Building
  • Registration:  Begins: Wednesday, December 9th, noon / Ends: Monday, December 28th, midnight (or when full)
  • Schedule: 
    • Monday nights, January 4th to February 22nd (8 weeks)
    • Games will be 1 hour 15 minutes long, and will be played at 8:00-9:15pm, 9:45-11:00pm (to accommodate 30 minute buffer between time slots)
  • Cost: $80/player. All individuals must pay their applicable UNL fees. Players can register solo or with a partner.
  • Jerseys: NOT provided in Registration

COVID-19 Guidelines

The provincial government, Sport NL, and Ultimate NL all worked together to create guidelines for sports to return to play in Alert Level 2. Here are the guidelines that apply to Ultimate and our indoor leagues at Techniplex:
Provincial Government
Ultimate NL

Please review these documents, as all players will be required to sign a release of liability and declaration of compliance, stating that they’ve read and understand these documents.

Here are the guidelines that apply specifically to this league:

Players’ Responsibilities
1. Sign applicable waivers and pay for your Ultimate NL membership.
2. Do not come to a game if feeling unwell, and fill out the province’s online self-assessment before each game.
3. If you have travelled outside of NL please adhere to the applicable isolation period (required by public health) before returning to play.
4. Only carpool with players from your own bubble.
5. Arrive at the field no earlier than 5 minutes before your game, and arrive dressed to play (change rooms will be closed).
6. Practice physical distancing (2m) on the sidelines at all time.
7. Sanitize/wash your hands before games. Sanitizer will be provided at the Techniplex.
8. If you bring a disc, clean your disc before use.
9. Refrain from touching your face.
10. High fives, handshakes, team huddles, spitting/nasal clearing and spirit circles are not permitted.
11. Do not share food, water, athletic aids (foam rollers), etc.
12. No socializing/loitering at the field after your game.
13. Wear a mask at all times in the Techniplex, except while playing. Players on the sideline are not required to wear masks when subbing off, unless they’re not playing for an extended period of time (injured, coaching, etc).
14. Players will not exit through the lobby so please remove outdoor shoes in the lobby upon arrival, and bring them to the field in a bag.
15. Follow the directional guides in the Techniplex to access the fields: Fields 2 and 3 will enter using the door down the hall to the left from the lobby. Field 1 will enter using the door immediately off the lobby. All players will exit through the doors nearest their field on the north side of the building. There will be carpeted areas near the exits where players can put their outdoor shoes on.
16. Spectators are not allowed at the Techniplex at this time.
17. Run efficient spirit circles and leave without delay after your game.

Captains’ Responsibilities
1. Only pick up subs that have signed the applicable waivers, and that have paid for their Ultimate NL membership.
2. Ensure that only the co-captains handle equipment (cones, scoreboard etc).
3. Record your team’s attendance at the game to assist with contact tracing if needed (tracking sheet will be provided before first game).
4. Please practice flexibility and understanding if you encounter a late subbing request.

Game Modifications
Ultimate was listed as a “moderate potential and brief contact sport” under Alert Level 2. This means that we’re allowed to return to game play, with a couple differences. By signing up for a league, you are agreeing to a certain level of risk. Although physical distancing of 2m is recommended at all times, we realize that at points, a player might enter another player’s “bubble.” Here’s some things that we’re changing/recommending to address this:
– The “disc space” rule has changed so that the player marking the person with the disc cannot be within 2m of that player. If you have the disc, call “disc space” if your defender comes within 2m.
– Players must maintain physical distancing (2m) on the sidelines at all times.
– On defense, try to mark the same player throughout the game. Ten contacts with one other player is better than 1 contact with 10 different players.
– Instead of the defensive player tapping the disc when ready, the offensive player can ask if they’re ready, then tap the ground with the disc to begin.
– For sub-on-the-fly, refrain from the typical hand-tapping when subbing on/off. For subbing in this league, enter/exit the field within the “subbing zone” marked by two cones near half.

Thank you for following these COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations during winter indoor leagues. Feel free to reach out to with any questions or concerns!