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Build It Yourself Lottery

  • Upon MZU announcing registration for a Build It Yourself League, Captains are required to express interest in submitting a team for the upcoming league. This must occur within the deadlines specified by the league.
  • To express interest, Captains must submit a minimum roster of 10 players, with a minimum of 4 players per gender. Captains should submit the full first and last name of any player they are including on their roster. Players can only appear on one roster.
  • Captains who submit an incomplete roster or submit a roster after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Captains who express interest are not guaranteed a space in the league. If the number of Captains who express interest exceeds the available space in the league, MZU will hold a lottery.
  • Any teams who were waitlisted in a previous Build It Yourself League, and complied with the waitlist guidelines (see below) will gain automatic entry in the league.
  • All remaining teams will receive one (1) entry into a lottery.
  • Any team with an MZU Board Member(s) will receive one (1) additional entry into the lottery, for a MAXIMUM of two (2) entries per team with a board member(s).
  • All entries will then be entered into the draw. Teams will be selected one at a time until such a time as the league is full. Once the league is full, the draw will continue and all remaining teams will be put on the waitlist in the order drawn.
  • Teams who gained entry into the league will have a set amount of time to pay their team registration fee, invite their players, and have a minimum roster of 10 players, with a minimum of 4 players of each gender, who have accepted their invites.
  • If any teams fail to complete registration prior to the team registration deadline or backs out for any other reason, teams on the waitlist will be contacted (in order) until the league is full.
  • If a team from the waitlist gains entry into the current league, they are no longer guaranteed entry into the following league.


Build It Yourself Waitlisted Team Guidelines

  • To be guaranteed a spot in the next league, Captains on the waitlist must:
    • Submit a final roster (minimum of 10 eligible players, with a minimum of 4 from each gender) to by the team registration deadline; AND
    • Ensure that at least 60% of their final roster does not play on a roster in the current Build It Yourself league; AND
    • Ensure that at least 60% of their final roster are on their submitted roster for the next league.