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Subbing Eligibility

Often times teams will require substitutes in order to have enough players to field a game. A substitute player must meet the following criteria:

  • Players MUST be registered as a substitute player or be already registered for the current league in which they are subbing;
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Not be suspended from MZU or any other UNL leagues;
  • Not have already subbed in the maximum number of games allowed during current season.

Captains and Subbing

  • Captains must communicate before games regarding subs
    • The opposing captain has to be aware of and agree to the proposed sub
    • At a minimum, this conversation should occur during the pre-game Captains discussion. However, the more notice you can give, the better. Emailing the other captain 48 hours ahead of game time, would be the preferred option
  • Captains should ensure that players are eligible, the Captains Clause can not be used to circumvent eligibility/subbing rules.
    • If players participate in a game where they are not an eligible sub, the game will be defaulted.

Captains MUST record subs post-game, failure to do this may result in penalty. MZU is continually trying to improve subbing policies and captains’ cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Subbing Rules


  • Registered Player is one who has registered for the current league and is on the roster of a team playing in the current league.
  • Unregistered Player is one who has not registered for the current league and is not on the roster of a team playing in the current league.

Regular Seasons Subbing Rules:

  • Registered Players can sub a MAXIMUM OF TWO games per season.
  • Unregistered Players can sub in a maximum number of games equal to the number of weeks in a season divided by two (round up if uneven).
  • There is NO FEE to sub.
  • Players can sub with multiple teams.
  • Players can sub multiple games on the same night (each game counts towards the total number of allowed games).
  • Subs should be made in accordance with Spirit of the Game
    • The subbing player should not greatly influence the outcome of the game.
    • Should the substitute player or captains determine that the sub outclasses the level at which they are playing, the sub should adjust accordingly to match the game play.
  • When can a team secure a sub?
    • Hat Leagues – Subs can only be used in the case of an injured or missing player.
    • BIY Leagues – Subs can be used even without a missing player.
    • Playoff – See Playoff Subbing rules below

Playoff Subbing Rules:

  • Registered Players CANNOT sub in a playoff game.
  • Unregistered Players can sub ONE PLAYOFF GAME (which counts towards the total number of allowed games).
  • Teams are only allowed to have subs in playoffs so they have 5 of either gender in 7v7 leagues or 4 of each gender in 5v5 leagues.
  • All other subbing eligibility rules still apply (e.g.: equal or lesser playing level, agreement among captains prior to game)

[Updated June 2017 to allow registered players to sub within a league; zuluru profile required.]