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Leagues Merger, we want to hear from you!

To the St. John’s / Avalon ultimate community,

You may have heard, the three adult ultimate leagues in the St. John’s area are discussing a merger. SWURL, MAUL and MZU shared their joint statement in the fall of 2016 (see below).

We have another merger meeting upcoming. We’re ready to add your considerations to the discussion. Please tell us, do you have questions or concerns about such a merger? Can you think of any road blocks? Are you concerned, for or against this idea? Tell us why.

Please send in your comments using this form. The form permits anonymity.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you,


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    This is to notify members that Mile Zero Ultimate (MZU), the Men’s Avalon Ultimate League (MAUL), and the St. John’s Women’s Ultimate Recreational League (SWURL) have started discussions towards an eventual merger of these three Ultimate Leagues within the St. John’s metropolitan area. The purpose of the merger would be to better coordinate leagues and services for our members and reduce the duplication of volunteer efforts within our local ultimate community. While there is no specific timeline for this plan, it is expected that the leagues will hold a joint information session during Winter 2017 to update and inform members of any progress as we work together toward this goal.

    Members are invited to provide feedback throughout this process by contacting either MZU, MAUL, or SWURL via the following email addresses:,, or