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MZU’s updated subbing policy (2017)

Mile Zero Ultimate has an updated substitute player policy. This was introduced at the Captains’ Meeting on May 31st.

As of June 2017, we will allow players registered within the league to play as subs in up to two games for other teams during that league, excluding the playoffs. Players who are not registered in the league can still play up to half the games (rounded up), including one playoff game. Subbing is still free.

As a new requirement, every substitute player must have an online profile on and join the Substitute Player 2017-18 event. When a player visits from out of town or joins for the first time, we require a profile and that they accept our waiver.

Captains must discuss their subs with the opposing captain prior to the game. They must also record the identities of substitute players when recording the score online. Substitution must be done in accordance to the Spirit of the Game. Subs should allow you to play a game without defaulting; they should not greatly influence the outcome of the game.

The full text of the substitute player policy is posted on our website at

To register as a sub, create a profile and join the FREE event “Substitute Player 2017-18

Additionally, you may sign up on the sub list to advertise your availability to captains.