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A Message from the Board

A message from the MZU Board of Directors:

Our recent Facebook post regarding the Fall BIY League Award Winners has gained a lot of attention over the past week.

The board would like to be clear that we did not intend to slight any teams in the Fall BIY League by not awarding a league or division winners. Wherever your team finished in the ladder, we’re sure there are accomplishments to celebrate and we hope you’re proud of how you played. As announced at the start of the season, there were no playoffs in order to accommodate a maximum number of teams that would all receive the same number of games, during a period when we lost a timeslot each week due to COVID-required breaks between games. Obviously, choosing a “winner” of a league can be determined a number of ways. However, in our past leagues, winners have been determined by a set of playoffs. This league – the first we’ve ever run without playoffs – we used a different system in order to schedule the games in 4-week blocks, instead of weekly, to ensure every team received the same number of late games. This meant that some teams’ standings might have been skewed, due to the ladder not readjusting every week. All of these factors contributed to the decision to not name a league or bracket winners. It has not been practice to highlight other team or player accomplishments, so such announcements were not considered for the post last week. We regret that we did not make that clear at the outset when this league was advertised, or at the end as part of the awards post. We apologize for any misunderstandings or disappointment. We’ve followed the recent feedback on Facebook and understand that some of our members don’t agree with our approach to naming award winners this fall. The board will bear this in mind for future league decisions.

Secondly, we want to address the manner in which this recent feedback was received. We always want to hear from our members. Your ideas and concerns help us to improve the league and address issues as they occur, so thank you to those who commented. However, we are disappointed by the tone of the conversation that unfolded among MZU members. In all aspects of MZU, we want to promote a respectful environment for our players and members on the field , at MZU-sponsored events, and  on our social media and digital platforms. We encourage your feedback, but ask that you please take the time to provide it respectfully and constructively.  Where necessary our Harassment Policy may be applied and further action taken (e.g.,  removal of problematic public posts). We invite you to review  our Harassment Policy here.

We think this is a good time to reiterate that there is a vacant position for a Member at Large on the MZU Board of Directors. If you want to be more involved in the running of MZU and have more say in Board decisions, we strongly encourage you to join the effort. You can reach out with an expression of interest via email to

Lastly, as a reminder, there are multiple ways to communicate with the Board. You can connect with us on Facebook (publicly or privately),  send us an email at, or submit your feedback anonymously through this form, which is always accessible on the homepage of our website

Thank you for your patience while the Board conferred on this matter and prepared this response.