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Announcing: MZUxQV – Wednesday Summer Hat League!

Wednesday Summer Hat League

Joining MZU this Summer?! Add some extra Ultimate to your week, at no added cost! We’re happy to announce our Wednesday Summer Hat League:


  • 7v7 w/ WFDF Gender rule A
  • 8 teams
  • Up to 18 players per team. We have space for 72 female matching players and 72 male matching players.
  • 7 regular season games
  • 3 weeks of playoffs
  • No Additional Cost! (must be registered in the standard MZU Summer League)
  • Rain-outs will not be rescheduled, except during playoffs.


1. How can I join?

You must be registered in MZUxQV Summer League. During registration, answer ‘Yes’ to “Do you want to enter the draft for the 2023 Wednesday Summer Hat League?” in the summer league registration questionnaire.

2. How does the draft work?

8 GMs will draft teams in a snake style draft. GMs can start with either gender match as their 1st pick, but must alternate gender match with each subsequent pick.

3. Can I be a GM?

Yes – Email to be added to the GM List.

4. What if more than 8 GMs volunteer?

We will draw names.

5. What if more than 72 players of either gender register?

We will draw 72 names from the registered player pool and teams will be drafted from those players.

6. What if less than 72 players of either gender register?

We will adjust the team composition and/or on field ratio if need be to keep to 8 teams.

7. Can I be a GM and a player?

Yes, but as a player other GMs can draft you to their team. You will not automatically be on the team you are drafting.

8. I’m a GM, once the draft is over what do I need to do?

Nothing! Once teams are formed there will be no trades and you will play with the team you have been drafted to. Be sure to spectate and cheer on your team!

9. Is the Draft Live?