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MZU Subbing Policy Update

Effective start of 2023 Summer League, we are updating our MZU substitute player policy.

There are some key changes from the previous version, so again we ask that you read carefully. If you have any questions at all, please email:

Why are we making these changes? Our reasons are many but here are some of the primary ones:

  1. To increase the available pool of players by eliminating individual ‘games played’ limits for players during the regular season.
  2. To allow registered players to sub in playoffs.
  3. To reduce the number of rescheduled games by enforcing roster compliance, as well as introducing a point penalty system to further encourage teams to provide a timely notification to the opposing team of any requested substitute players and ultimately play games as scheduled.
  4. To provide clear requirements on the expectations between teams and the league when requesting subs.

You can find the complete policy on our Subbing Page.

Thank You!

MZU Board of Directors