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Welcome to the New Site!

Hi MZUers, welcome to our new website (insert oohs and aahs here)! We’d like to take this opportunity to answer a few questions…

Q. Wait! Where’s all the winter league info?

A. Don’t worry, just click on ‘View the Old Site’ to the right and that’ll take you to all the information you need.

Q. Why are you guys changing websites… again?

A. It’s not cause we love making websites, that’s for sure. Two main reasons we switched over:

1. We needed more flexibility in our backend – particularly the ability to run multiple leagues at once. As a growing league, we want to be able to better adapt to the needs of the Ultimate community, and this will allow us to do it in a much easier way. So, for registration, leagues, standings, etc… we have moved to Zuluru, an open source web-based sports league management application that was designed specifically for Ultimate.

2. Greater control over content – we’ve moved over to WordPress, which will allow us as a Board to offer more content and features on our website. Overall, it makes our job a lot easier.

Q. So, what are the major differences?

Well, besides it being a lot easier for us as a Board, you will notice that the standings, registration, teams, scores, etc… won’t look as pretty. They actually will link out to the Zuluru site. All the information will still be there, don’t worry, but it will look a little plain for a bit. We are working on integrating it better in the site, but for the time being, don’t judge the book by its cover.