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We’re super pumped for Summer League on Tuesday, so here’s the 5 things you need to do before we start:

1. Check your schedule – Login to the right and see your schedule, teams, standings!
2. RSVP to the Party on Saturday, June 7th at Swilers HERE!
3. Go over the rules! Has it been a while?
4. MORE FUN THAN RULES? Yup, league policies.
5. Our jerseys are in & will be delivered to the first game!

Play Ultimate Frisbee this Summer!

Registration opens Monday, April 14th and ends Wednesday, April 30th over at

When: Tue, Wed and Thur nights at 5:30pm and 7pm
Duration: 12 weekly games from June 2 – Aug 23
Where: Fields in the St. John’s area
Who: Anyone 19+ … we’re a coed league! Beginners welcome.
Cost: $50 reg fee (jersey included) PLUS $30 UNL fee.
Signing Up: Register as individuals, pairs, groups or a full team of 14 (or more)
Team Composition: 14 player minimum, with a minimum of 6 of either gender

How to Register:
Here’s a guide on how to register and change your jersey size!


Q: How do the jerseys fit?
A: Find sizing info here!

Q: Do I register solo, with a friend, or as a full team?
A: WHATEVER YOU WANT! We have a wide range of people who register solo, in pairs, small groups or as a full team.

Q: What’s the team format?
A: Teams are composed of a MINIMUM of 14 players with a minimum of 6 guys OR 6 girls. That means you can do 7 and 7, or 8 girls and 6 guys, or 8 guys, 6 girls. YOUR CHOICE.

Q: What if I don’t register on time?
A: Anyone who wants to register for the league will only be added to teams as space becomes available. We will not reserve space on teams for undecided players after April 30th. Jerseys are unavailable for those who register late.

Q: I have never played before, is the league friendly?
A: We’re super friendly. Maybe even too friendly. We’ll get you hooked up with a rule book, resources and your friendly team mates will help you along the way. We also have a Captain’s clinic and other initiatives to introduce people to the game.

Q: Man, I have soooo many questions.
A: No problem, email us at and you’ll get a swift response.

Q: Who do I put in the partner/captain/team field?!??
A: If registering as a part of a team, you only need to list the team name (preferred) or the captain’s name. If you’re a captain, there’s no need to submit a list of your whole team. If you’re joining as a group, list your group leader or another member(s).

Q: So, what exactly am I getting for my money?
A: Registration is $50, which include, a minimum 12 regular season games plus playoffs, a team jersey from VC Ultimate, and then $30 covers your annual UNL membership.

Q: I registered but didn’t pay…
A: To us, you aren’t registered. You gotta pay to play. No holding spots.

Q: I’m having PayPal trouble, though…
A: No problem, just email us and we’ll help you out.

Q: How do I call dibs on a jersey colour?
A: Choosing a jersey colour is first come-first served based on on when a captain gets 10 players registered.

Winter BIY League

All BIY Winter League players should have received an email containing their team and important league details! If not – please email us at!

Games start Monday so login to see all the details of the league!


Playoff Subbing Rules! (2014)

Playoff subbing rules are in effect tonight – here’s the run down:
– Subs can play in 1 playoff game (which is included in the total number of games allowed per season), in order to allow each team to have one male and female change during the game.
– For example, assuming a male/female ratio of 3:2, the team has less than 3 females or 4 males available for the game. Hypothetically… if a team only had 1 female player, they could secure 2 female subs.
– The guest player being used is of the approximate relative skill level as one of the missing players.

Full scoop here:

MZU Winter BIY League

AND we are 100% full. That has to be a record, 7.5 hours! If you sign up, you’re auto registered for the waitlist. If you have a full team registered (10) and want to add more players, please email us at to sort it out.

Winter League BIY (Build it Yourself)

Registration for BUILD IT YOURSELF (BIY) LEAGUE opens next Monday. Get your summer league team together and give it a test-drive before we hit the outdoor fields!

Register as teams, groups, or individuals. Teams with 10 paid players are guaranteed to be together during the team building process. Groups with less than ten may be broken up to meet the needs of the league (but we hope not!), 18 teams of 10 people, consisting of 6 guys and 4 girls. First come first serve!


When: Mondays from 8-11pm
Duration: March 10th – May 5th (9 weeks)
Capacity: 180 players, 108 male, 72 female
Team Composition: 10 player minimum, with a typical composition of 6 males and 4 females
Field Composition: 5 on 5, with a male to female ratio of 3:2 or 2:3, other team not required to match.
Field: Techniplex
Signing Up: Register as individuals, pairs, groups or full teams of 10
Team Building: Build it Yourself and teambuilding by our Board and other volunteers if needed
Cost: $65 (+10$ UNL fee if you haven’t played with us since June 1, 2013)
Format: Zuluru ranking system – 8 week regular season / 1 week playoff (1 vs 2 / 3 vs 4 / etc…)


Winter League Games GOING AHEAD (plus a party!)

The Techniplex will be open tonight, so games will be going ahead! We have talked to the owners and if the power goes due to the rolling blackouts, they have adequate emergency lighting/systems in place to ensure player safety. Further, in the past year alone, they have decreased their power consumption by 70%!

PLUS, if you haven’t heard, we’re having a party on Saturday at Club V! Here are all the details, it’s gonna be a time.