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Winter League Games GOING AHEAD (plus a party!)

The Techniplex will be open tonight, so games will be going ahead! We have talked to the owners and if the power goes due to the rolling blackouts, they have adequate emergency lighting/systems in place to ensure player safety. Further, in the past year alone, they have decreased their power consumption by 70%!

PLUS, if you haven’t heard, we’re having a party on Saturday at Club V! Here are all the details, it’s gonna be a time.


MZU Toque League

MZU Winter Hat League Registration opens at noon! Ps. We’re calling it the Toque league, get onboard.

Winter League Details

We’re mixing things up a bit this year for Winter League! Instead of one long 18 week league, we’re splitting it into two. The first 9 weeks will be a hat league, the second 9 will be build-your-own.

Registration for HAT LEAGUE opens on Monday and ends on December 16th (or until full)

When: Mondays from 8-11pm
Duration: 9 weeks from Jan 6th – March 3rd
Team Composition: 10 player minimum, with a typical composition of 6 males and 4 females.
Field Composition: 5 on 5, with a male to female ratio of 3:2 or 2:3, other team not required to match.
Field: Techniplex
Signing Up: Register as individuals or pairs
Team Building: Draft/teambuilding by our Board and other volunteers
Cost: $65
Format: Zuluru ranking system – 8 week regular season / 1 week playoff


Indoor Fall Playoff Format

** Schedule is online **
– Two separate playoff divisions playing for essentially two separate titles
– The seedings will be based on our rankings system we have been using all season and not on # of wins/losses
– Teams 1-8 will play a traditional 3 week playoff with winners advancing and losers dropping to the “Non-playoff” pool
– Teams 9-16 will play a traditional 3 week playoff with winners advancing and losers dropping to the “Non-playoff” pool
– Teams 17 and 18 will play each other in week 1, and then play different teams in the final 2 weeks from the pool of losers from the playoff divisions

Divison 1:
1st (B Line) vs 8th (Diet Crush)
2nd (Iron Women) vs 7th (Disc Tracy)
3rd (Moist Panties) vs 6th (Death From Above)
4th (Donkey Donk) vs 5th (Oilers)
Divison 2:
9th (Biohazard) vs 16th (Tossers: Extra Crispy)
10th (Victorious Secret) vs 15th (Evil Tossers)
11th (BA Baracus) vs 14th (GBU)
12th (Purple Nurple) vs 13th (Flying Salmon)
Non Playoff Pool:
17th (Grilled Cheese Wizards) vs 18th (Nice Cleats)

Welcome to the new Board!

Thanks for coming to the AGM everyone – what a turnout! Congrats to the new board:

President: Karen Lawlor
VP, League: Mike Walter
VP, Finance: Mark Young
VP, Communications: Sophie Harrington
VP, Spirit: Justin Frampton
Members at Large: Adam Drover, Rob King, Rob Langridge, Erin Kirby, Allan Johnson, Nick Hounsell

A bit thanks to our outgoing members too: Mike White, Stef Barnes, Ryan Pugh and Tiago Hori


Outdoor Playoff Format

To clarify the Outdoor playoff format, it is one week only and 1st (Hammer Div) vs 1st (Scoober Div), 2nd vs 2nd, etc. The standings look a little messed up because we had to merge the divisions in order to set the schedule. Good luck to MC Hammer and Huck Dynasty in the finals being played at KGV at 8:15 on Sunday. Here’s the rest of it!

KGV 1 19:00-20:15 A Good Day to D Hard vs Chill Town (Playing for 7th place)
KGV 2 19:00-20:15 Flick of Destiny vs Team Licentious (Playing for 13th place)
KGV 3 19:00-20:15 Halloween vs Hucker Punch (Playing for 15th place)

KGV 1 20:16-21:30 Huck Huck Goose vs Imma B (Playing for 9th place)
KGV 2 20:16-21:30 MC Hammer vs Huck Dynasty (Playing for 1st place)
KGV 3 20:16-21:30 Barnes&Barnes&Barnes vs No Name Brand (Playing for 11th place)

Gus 1 20:00-21:15 Bad Ass Gangsters vs Game of Throws (Playing for 3rd place)
Gus 2 20:00-21:15 Town of Dildo Vs Minions (Playing for 5th place)

Annual General Meeting – Tuesday, Nov 26 at 8pm

RSVP here!

Before I get into the nitty gritty, here’s the exciting thing about the AGM this year: It’s going to be one hour. That’s our goal, plain and simple.

If you love the sport, want to see improvements or are sick of sitting on the sidelines, it’s time to commit (seriously, it’s not that much work). We need new ideas, and new energy, to continue growing this league and sport!

Come and listen, come and run, or come nominate someone else!

Here are the 4 things you need to know:

1. You can nominate someone in advance this year by emailing – if you think there’s someone who should be involved cause they’re plain old awesome, do it up!

2. In advance of the AGM, we’ll be releasing an Annual Report with financial, league, communications updates.

3. Here are our by-laws which explains how this all works.

4. Here are the Board positions up for grabs:

President – oversees the general direction of the league and manages the board members in their roles.
VP, Communications – Facebook, web updates, emails, promotion … you get the word out. You love internet.
VP, Finance – If you have any basic business knowledge, you can step up in this role… Just fill in some spreadsheets and you’re golden.
VP, Social – you like to have fun.
VP, League – Scheduling, league organization, team building… this is your gig.
Members at Large x 6 – You help the roles out above in getting down to business.


Indoor Fall

Our Fall Leagues are well underway, and Indoor Fall kicks off this Monday. For more details on the League, check out the info in the menu above.  We are trying out a new league format for Indoor Fall. Basically, the website will automatically decide the schedule based on the rankings of each team. The goal being that you will always play against a team each week that offers you the most competition. More questions? 

The mysterious magical ratings ladder:

– What it is? A system that match-ups teams with similar rankings in order to give teams even games for most of the season.
– How does it calculates rankings? It uses the USAU college ranking algorithm. Want to know more about it? Read here: OR find Tiago when he is bored and he will explain it to you.
– When are the rankings adjusted? After each game, therefore it is important that all scores are entered by Tuesday!
– Games are posted on a week by week basis.
– Is it going to work from the very first game? No. At the start all teams have the same ranking score, but as the league progresses, just like with a tiered ladder, the ranking ladder should even out the playing field.
– Will we always play the same team? No, you will play at least 4 different teams before you see the same team again.
– I still don’t get it! Find Tiago and get him to explain it to you, he likes beer and colourful shorts.