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Winter BIY Registration

The teams have been selected. Registration and rostering is on now until March 2nd. Games begin on March 6th.

If any teams fail to register a full team by midnight March 2nd, we will proceed down the wait list.

For those teams needing players, and players needing teams, you can use our MATCHMAKING page!
Accepted Teams

  1. Scoober Doo
  2. Biohazard
  3. Frisky Dingo
  4. TBA – Megan Roome
  5. Young Guns
  6. Huckin’ Problems
  7. Flicky Minaj
  8. Huck Up? Huck Off!
  9. Sex Panther
  10. Flickipedia
  11. MUNmed
  12. Team Slow Clap
  13. Huck Norris
  14. GOZers
  15. Canadian Armed Flickers
  16. Stop Staring at my Disc
  17. Crush
  18. The Freeze Bees
  19. Drunk & Disc-oriented
  20. Rubber Huckies
  21. Blackhorse
  22. Past My Bedtime
  23. Donkey
  24. Scoober Heroes


  1. Dave’s Darts
  2. Lobsters
  3. Misflicks
  4. Throw The Game
  5. Nighthawks

Attention: Waitlisted teams will gain automatic entry into the next indoor BIY, provided that:

  • They submit a full roster of a minimum of 10 eligible players once waitlisted; and
  • 60% of the roster does not play in the current BIY league; and
  • 60% of the players are on the roster for the next league.

Click here for all the other details about the 2017 Winter BIY league