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MZU x QV – 2023 Winter Hat League

Registration is CLOSED!

The New Year brings new opportunities to shake things up and make new friends! This year, we’re aiming to start strong by making the Quidi Vidi Brewery 2023 Winter Hat League our most spirited, inclusive league yet!  We’ve got three divisions for you to choose from! 

Before we get to the details, feedback from our most recent hat league stated that we have room for improvement in welcoming players of all skill levels to this wonderful sport!

So here is how we hope to work towards achieving that this season:

Introducing MZU’s Winter Hat League’s Recreational 4v4 and 6v6 Divisions!

  • We have two recreation divisions meant to be fun and inclusive for everyone.
  • Sign up solo or with a partner – We encourage our more skilled players to partner with a friend who is looking to improve their ultimate game or is new to the game entirely! 
  • No ladder rankings! What this means is a full 8 week schedule up front and no repeat matches.
  • No playoffs – Playoffs promote winning above fun, and in a hat league winning should be secondary (fear not, we still have a competitive option, keep reading)
  • So, a league with no winner?! Not quite! Rec league winners will be determined by the highest spirit score at the end of the season, so be spirited, cool, and inclusive and everyone wins!

But, if you want COMPETITION and SPIRIT, we’ve got an option for you too!

Our Competitive 4v4 League!

You like competition and want it, so let’s do this right!

  • Single sign-ups only – in an attempt to make this league as balanced and competitive as possible, we are going to start with a clean slate for team building, aka no power duos. 
  • Playoffs! They’re happening! The final 3 weeks of the season will be dedicated to playoffs.
  • Still no repeat matches (during regular season), you’ll get a 5 week schedule up front!

Full 2023 Winter Hat League Details

Three Divisions – 8 Weeks – January 9th thru February 27th.

  • Registration opens December 10th (THIS SATURDAY!)
  • Both 4v4 Divisions will run at 9 pm and 6v6 at 8 and 10 pm. People looking to play twice can sign up for a 4v4 and 6v6, but not both 4v4s.
  • 4v4 Divisions are played on 1/3rd of a standard indoor field, creating a more fast-paced environment focused on short game. 
  • All divisions have equal ratio for Open and Female Matching players.
  • Hat League Teams will be built based on player self-rankings to be as comparatively close as possible.

Competitive 4v4

  • 8 teams, 8 to 10 players per team
  • Registration capped at 40 players per gender
  • Single sign-up only
  • 5 regular season weeks
  • No repeat matches in regular season
  • 3 playoff weeks

Recreational 4v4

  • Up to 10 teams, 8 to 10 players per team
  • Registration capped at 50 players per gender
  • Partner sign-ups allowed
  • No ladder, meaning 8 unique opponents

Recreational 6v6

  • Up to 12 teams, 12 to 14 players per team
  • Registration capped at 84 players per gender
  • Partner sign-ups allowed
  • No ladder, meaning 8 unique opponents