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Summer Playoffs – Subbing Q&A!

We’re closing in on Playoffs for MZU’s Summer League so we wanted to clarify a few things around subbing to make sure things flow smoothly. Full details can be found on our Subbing Policy Page.

1: When can my team request a sub for a Playoff game?

Teams are only allowed to have subs so that they have a maximum of 5 open and 5 female matching players. You also cannot have more subs than rostered players for the game. (i.e.: You cannot have 3 female matching subs and 2 female matching rostered players. In this case, you can only have 2 female matching subs)

2: Who can sub for Playoffs?

Both Registered and Non-Registered players can sub for ONE GAME ONLY. The same person cannot sub for more than one game, even if it is with another team.

3: What do I need to do to confirm a sub for a Playoff game?

All playoff subs MUST be accepted by the opposing team captain and the league. Please include in your communication with the opposing team. Advanced notice is appreciated but we understand the nature of the playoff schedule will make this difficult.

4: My team used the max number of subs allowed during the regular season, are we still able to get subs for Playoff games?

Yes! The subbing cap was for regular season only.

5: How can I find subs for Playoffs?

If you need assistance with finding a sub, MZU has a subbing page on Facebook: Mile Zero Ultimate Subbing Page

6: What about the Score Penalty for late sub requests?

The score penalty that was in effect for the regular season is NOT in effect for playoffs. Last minute requests are still subject to confirmation and approval by the opposing captain and the league, as discussed earlier.

7: Anything else I should know?

All other standard subbing rules apply:

  • Subbing players must be equal/lesser skill level than the person they are subbing for.
  • Subbing players must be eligible (Paid UNL membership fee, 18+ by end of current year, not suspended from MZU or other UNL leagues).

If you have any other questions or need clarification, please contact

Good luck with your playoff games!