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Winter Toque League 2015

Hello MZUers,

As the weather turns from mild to incredibly freezing, and pumpkin spice gives way to gingerbread lattes, it is time to discuss Winter Toque League 2015. The key details are below:

  • Team Composition: 10 player minimum, with a typical composition of 6 males and 4 females. (Note: Based on registration numbers, teams may have 5 males/5 females or 4 males/6 females at the Board’s discretion).
  • Field Composition: 5 on 5, with a male to female ratio of 3:2 or 2:3, other team not required to match.
  • Field: Techniplex
  • Signing Up: Register as individuals or pairs
  • Format: 18 teams will play a 10 week round-robin play based on games determined by the Zuluru ranking system. Playoffs will take place during the 11th week and will consist of teams pairing off based on final standings (e.g., 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, etc.)
  • Team Building: Team building by our Board.
  • Registration: Start 12:00PM NST December 18th and runs until December 21st.
  • When: Monday nights from 8:00pm-11:00pm (Game 1 at 8:00pm, Game 2 at 9:00pm, Game 3 at 10:00pm)
  • Duration: 11 weeks – January 5th to March 16th
  • Jerseys: NOT included in registration
  • Cost: $80 (not including UNL fee)

So find your Ultimate partner, or sign up solo and let the MZU Team Building Hat do its magic! A time to meet new players, try new skills, and compete for the Toque championship.

For any further questions please contact, Facebook, or Twitter



MZU Supports The CBC NL Turkey Drive

This time of year can be incredibly challenging for food banks throughout The Province. MZU has decided to try and help alleviate the food shortages in our local food banks by participating in the CBC Newfoundland and Labrador Turkey Drive! Gobble

For the next two games (December 8 and December 15) we’ll be encouraging members to bring a cash donation, with the goal of donating one turkey per team. Your Captain will collect the donations on behalf of your team.

But wait! It gets even better:

MZU will match up 1 turkey per team ($30), or up to $540 worth of gobbley goodness. Gobble

For more information on the CBC Newfoundland and Labrador Turkey Drive check out:



Don’t forget the AGM – Thursday the 27th at the Elk’s Club at 7pm!

If you love the sport, want to see improvements or are sick of sitting on the sidelines, it’s time to commit (seriously, it’s not that much work). We need new ideas, and new energy, to continue growing this league and sport!

Come and listen, come and run, or come nominate someone else!

Here are the 4 things you need to know:

1. You can nominate someone in advance this year by emailing – if you think there’s someone who should be involved cause they’re plain old awesome, do it up!

2. In advance of the AGM, we’ll be releasing an Annual Report with financial, league, communications updates.

3. Here are our by-laws which explains how this all works.

4. Here are the Board positions up for grabs:

President – oversees the general direction of the league and manages the board members in their roles.

VP, Communications – Facebook, web updates, emails, promotion … you get the word out. You love internet.

VP, Finance – If you have any basic business knowledge, you can step up in this role… Just fill in some spreadsheets and you’re golden.

VP, Spirit – you like to have fun. AND, you’re all about improving the spirit across our leagues.

VP, League – Scheduling, league organization, team building… this is your gig.

Members at Large x 6 – You help the roles out above in getting down to business.


Subbing for Fall (2014)

We’re reviewing our Subbing Policies overall, but here are the Fall Rules:

Sunday Night Outside – Sub 4 MAX. That can include 1 playoff game.
Monday Night Inside – Sub 6 MAX. That can include 1 playoff game. 

Sign up for the sublist here   \   Captains request access hereFEW THINGS:

– We are NOT collecting fees for subbing.
– This is up to Captains to verify w/ subs they haven’t gone over max number, games will be considered forfeited if teams use an ineligible sub.
– A playoff sub must be somewhat similar skill level. 

– Playoff subbing can only be done to bring your team to have one sub of each gender. SO, if you had 3 females and 2 males show up, you could get 1 male and 1 female sub ONLY. If you had 2 females and 2 males, you could get 2 males and 1 female.

Indoor Fall League 2014

As we get ready to launch Indoor Fall League we are taking a page out of the books of other Ultimate / sports leagues from across the country and implementing team registration for this league. This means one person (Captain) will sign up your team and pay the entire registration fee ($800/team). That Captain will then have to invite their teammates to sign up to fill out the roster. 

We know this is going to be a change, but moving forward it is MZU’s goal to have 2 leagues each season…. One hat league, and one team-based league – ensuring an opportunity to play year-round regardless of the format you prefer.
So how will this work?

Step 1 – Captains Only Sign Up (18 spots)

On September 19th at NOON, we will open registration for Captains to claim one of the 18 team spots available in the league by registering and paying a $100 deposit on the $800 fee. If you are not a captain, no need to sign up now!

Once the 18 team spots are claimed and deposit paid for ($100 per team) the league is full and any additional Captains wanted to sign up a team will be added to the wait list. No pay = no spot.

If the 18 team spots aren’t claimed by Oct. 1st at NOON we will form hat teams and allow individual/small groups to sign up.

Step 2 – Captains Invite Teammates

From Sept 19th to Sept 26th at NOON, Captains who claimed one of the 18 spots will invite the members of their team to sign up through Zuluru (we’ll show you how). Once a team has 10 players (minimum 4 of each gender) signed up AND the remaining team fee is paid ($800 total fee – $100 deposit = $700), they have secured their spot in the league. But remember, your team can have more than 10 players. All payment must be made via the Captain.

If by Sept. 26th at NOON, a Captain does not have the minimum number of players and/or is UNPAID, they forfeit their team spot (and the spots of the players on the team) to the next Captain on the wait list.

MZU has made a Google Doc where interested players or small groups who aren’t part of a team can connect with Captains looking to round out their team: VIEW THE GOOGLE DOC HERE.

Basic League Details:

  • Team Composition: 10 player minimum, with a min composition of 4 of either gender.
  • Field Composition: 5 on 5 speed point, with a male to female ratio of 3:2 or 2:3, other team not required to match.
  • Fields: Techniplex
  • Format: 18 teams in the Zuluru College Ranking System
  • Team Building/Registration: Team Registration (see above)
  • When: Monday nights from 8-11pm (Game 1: 8:00pm / Game 2: 9:00pm / Game 3: 10:00pm)
  • Duration: 11 weeks – Oct. 6th – Dec 15th – 8 week regular season/3 week playoffs
  • Playoff:  Top 8, Second 8, and Bottom 2.  Top 8 plays one elimination bracket, so does the second group of 8 . Bottom 2 play each other first week. Second week there will be a combination to ensure fun/comp games.)
  • Jerseys: NOT included in registration
  • Cost: Total cost is $800/team regardless of how many players. Once captains have registered and paid the $100 deposit, MZU will invoice them the remaining $700. (not including UNL fees – players will pay separately if they are new).

UNL September 1st Membership (mandatory) –
Paid with Fall League (5 Month): $20. Fees are calculated using April 1st to March 31st as the base program year. Learn more.


Why this system?
Simply put, last year didn’t work and this is a very common system across not only other sports leagues in the city –  but in many Ultimate leagues across the country. Plus, we have heard year-after-year, survey-after-survey, that people wanted this. Now, with Zuluru’s capabilities to make this happen, coupled with the trouble we had last year for this league, we felt we should try it out!

Wait, so what happened last year with registration?
Last year, we opened the registration and it filled up quick. Really really quick. So quick that it a) blew our minds and b) made team-building next to impossible. How?

Basically, the league has a capacity of 180 players, or 18 teams of 10. This usually works easy-peasy and we can fill out the league between full teams of 10 who signed up together, small groups and solos/pairs and it all fits together like a nice puzzle. Not last year. We were too popular. We had tons of teams wanting to play who just couldn’t get all their teammates signed up in time – we had 21 groups of 7 or more sign up. Get what I’m saying – we just couldn’t build teams without splitting up groups. Teams didn’t get why we just couldn’t add players to their teams.   People asked for refunds. People didn’t get to play with who they wanted to. The spirit of the Build it Yourself League was broken – we needed to find a way to allow people to sign up as a team.

TLDR: More than 18 groups/teams registered, but didn’t get all 10 of their players signed up in time.  Team-building = impossible without breaking ‘teams’ up. 

Oh, now I remember!
It was the worst. Not fun as a Board, not fun for players.

So, I’m just a regular player with a team to play with, what do I do?
Sit back, and relax. Well, not really – make sure your Captain secures your team spot. Once they’ve secured your team’s spot, they’ll send a Zuluru invite for you to register. Once you’ve done that, you’re good (just make sure you do it by the deadline above!)

So as a regular player I will not be paying MZU a registration fee directly?
Nope. Your Captain will pay your team’s fee, and you’ll have to reimburse them. MZU is NOT responsible for collecting fees from players or sorting out any disagreements. Seriously. We’re an adult league, we expect you to be able to figure that out.

Why didn’t you just get more field time?
We tried. A lot. Our League Committee has basically been calling the Techniplex every month to get more time – the only option was 11pm – and we hear enough complaints about the 10pm slot as is.

So if I’m solo, I can’t play in this league?
Not at all, If you have a decent sized group and think you can recruit enough players before the deadlines, get someone to step us as Captain and register (see question below). And if you’re solo, we have a Google Docs sheet to connect you with teams looking to round out their rosters. Plus, if we don’t get enough Captains, we’ll fill out the league with Hat Teams.

Sign up sheet:

What about if I have a group of 6 or 7, but not a full team?
If you really want to play, get someone to sign up as a Captain and pay the fee and then recruit players (through pals, FB or the sheet above) to round out your numbers before the deadline – we don’t think you’ll have any trouble. MZU is not responsible for helping you collect money/fees off your teammates.

Doesn’t this give preference to players with a full team?
Yes. But that’s why we run 2 leagues each season (one hat, one team-based), to try and give people a little bit of everything. Some people don’t have a set team to play with and love the variety of hat leagues, others  don’t like hat leagues and only want to play with their pals/teammates. This makes everyone happy (RIGHT? RIGHT? You’re all happy?). Also, this isn’t some new-fangled MZU invention – it’s a common system that happens in leagues across the country.

I want to have 20 people on my team, can I?
Yes. Your team fee does not change.

I didn’t play in Summer League, do I need to pay UNL fee?
Yes, we will invoice new players separately.

Phew! You deserve some ice cream.
Thank you. I do.



Outdoor Fall League – Registration opens THURSDAY

Outdoor Fall – Hat League – Sundays

A great league to meet new people and socialize, we play on massive outdoor turf fields on Sunday nights in the Fall. This is one of our most popular leagues and a great way for players to be introduced to the sport in a welcoming way (but don’t worry, we’re all still playing to win).

  • Team Composition: 10 player minimum, with a typical composition of 6 males and 4 males. (Note: Based on registration numbers, teams may have 5 males/5 females or 4 males/6 females at the Board’s discretion).
  • Field Composition: 5 on 5, with a male to female ratio of 3:2 or 2:3, other team not required to match.
  • Fields: King George V
  • Signing Up: Register as individuals or pairs
  • Format: 12 teams will be divided into two groups of 6. Five weeks of round-robin play. The final two weeks will be playoffs.
  • Team Building: Draft/teambuilding by our Board and other volunteers
  • Registration: Ends SEPTEMBER 5th
  • When: Sunday nights from 7-9:30pm (Game 1 at 7, Game 2 at 8:15)
  • Duration: 7 weeks – Sept. 7 – Oct. 26th – no games on Oct. 12th (Thanksgiving)
  • Jerseys: NOT included in registration
  • Cost: $30 (not including UNL fee)

Top 10 things to know about Playoff Day

1. Schedule
Best way to see the schedule is via the giant PDF board.
You can also see it here on Google Docs.

2. Final Rankings
You can see the final team rankings by clicking here.

3. Game End Times
We’ve written up some handy game end scenarios here.

4. The Party
It’s happening at 8:30 onwards at the Rocket Room and we have some amazing prizes to give out AND an amazing season to celebrate.

5. Parking at Feildians
DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD. Go into the field and park around the outside.

6. General Housekeeping
Please clean up your garbage and recycling and NO DRINKING on the fields.

7. Take a team photo!
Email us at your playoff snaps AND tweet us @mzultimate or tag us on facebook! Let’s show St. John’s what Ultimate is all about.

8. Field locations:

9. The Finals
Want to see some amazing Ultimate? Then come to see the Finals at 6:00pm on FEILDIANS 1. It’s always great to have a HUGE crowd and soak in the excitement.

Have an ULTIMATE day!

Game End Time Reminder

End of Game Scenarios

The game is scheduled to end at 5 minutes prior to the end of the scheduled slot, just like in the Regular Season. For example the 9:00 games will end at 10:25,  10:30 games will end at 11:55, so on and so forth.

Ties were acceptable in the Regular season, but not in Playoffs. Therefore, the following applies:

At five minutes before the end of the scheduled time slot, the next turnover or point ends the game, unless the game is 1) Tied, in which case the next point wins, or 2) A one point game, in which case the game is over at the next turnover or point by the leading team OR if the lagging team has possession when the clock strikes, they must score without turning it over for the game to continue. If they do score to tie it up, the next point wins.

1) Score is 10-7. Time hits 10:25, disc is dropped by either team, or either team scores without turning it over, game is over.

2) Score is 10-10. Time hits 10:25, team with possession scores, game is over.

3) Score is 10-10. Time hits 10:25, disc is dropped. Game continues until one team scores to break the tie. Once either team scores, game is over.

4) Score is 10-9. Time hits 10:25, the leading team has possession and drops it or scores, game is over.

5) Score is 10-9. Time hits 10:25, the lagging team has possession and drops it, game is over.

6) Score is 10-9. Time hits 10:25, the lagging team has possession and scores without turning it over, game continues until either team scores again.