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Fall Outdoor FAQs

Q: Where are these fields… KGV? GUS?
A: KGV is King George V right on Quidi Vidi and Gus is Gushue Sports Complex in Mount Pearl (off Smallwood Drive). You can view maps on our website!

Q: I’ve never played before, what should I expect!
A: We love new players! Every team has a mix of new and experienced players, and Fall is a very welcoming league, so you’ll learn the ropes quickly. Take a read through our website to learn the basics –

Q: Do we play in the rain?
A: Yes. We’re tough cookies. But, if the weather turns terrible and it is dangerous (lightning, trees blowing over, etc…), please stop playing. As players, our personal safety is a call we all have to make.

Q: When are the game times?
A:  7 – 8:10pm and 8:15 – 9:25pm at KGV | 8 – 9:10pm at Gushue

Q: How do I know when I’m playing?
A: Login at and your schedule is there – you can even download iCal events (etc) for your phone.

Q: How are the fields numbered?
A: We create 3 smaller playing fields on KGV and Gushue, which facilitates some lovely 5 on 5 action. Field 1 is always the one closest to the entrance, 2 is in the middle and 3 is the furthest away.

Q: How did you make the teams?
A: Using your self-rankings, we strive to make 16 equal teams. So, the culmulative self-rankings of each team does fall within the same range. But, remember, there will always be a team that wins most of their games and a team that loses most – we can’t predict chemistry, break out stars, etc!

Q: What’s the difference between the 2 divisions?
A: None! We just split the league in 2 divisions so we can organize playoffs, etc.

Q: What colour shirt should I wear?
A: The website automatically gives teams colours, and many teams decide to wear that colour (remember, jerseys are not provided). But, when in doubt… Home = White / Away = Dark. No greys!

Q: I have more questions!
A: Write below or shoot us a note at

Outdoor Fall League

Outdoor Fall League STARTS THIS SUNDAY. By end of day Saturday, you should have received an email with your team and you can log in to see the schedule. We’re also working on getting  an excel sheet up as well for easy access.

You can still sign up for the waitlist if you’d like!


Fall League registration is  OPEN! 

This year, we are launching two Fall Leagues and the basic details are below, but further info can be found here.

Forget how to register? Use our easy guide to the right. Remember, to register for BOTH leagues, add one Event/League to the cart, then go through the same motions to add the second one. Then checkout.

1. Outdoor Fall – Hat League  – Sundays


– League runs on Sundays 8-10:30pm at Gushue and 7-9:30 KGV
– September 8th – November 3rd (No thanksgiving game)
– $30 for UNL members (ie, you played Summer League)
– Sign up solo or with a partner
– Capacity of 240

2. Indoor Fall – Build your Own  – Mondays


– League runs on Mondays 8-11pm at the Techniplex
– October 7th – December 16th
– $80 for UNL members (ie, you played Summer League)
– Sign up solo, groups or full team of 10
– Capacity of 120

** In either league, we do allow groups of 3 if one person has NEVER played Ultimate before with us, please email us at so we can chat about it **

Summer 2013

Well, another Summer League has come to a close. A big thanks to Capital Subaru this year for coming onboard as our sponsor and helping us out on Playoff Day!

Overall / Division 1: Fellowship of Awesome
Division 2: My Pet Donksters
Division 3: The Good, the Bad, the Ulty
Division 4: The Tossers

We also gave out some individual awards last night, they were:

Captain of the Year – Paul Doucet (The Tossers)
Most Spirited Male – Steve Routledge (Huckstables)
Most Spirited Female – Dana Williams (Young Guns)
Overall Spirited Team – The Huckstables
Best Team Name – Nice Cleats, Wanna Huck?
Fave Opponent – BohFan
Most Committed – Francois Morin

Capital Subaru Summer Playoff Structure + FAQ

Here is your 2013 Capital Subaru Playoff Structure – all going down on Saturday, August 24th at Fieldian’s and Lower Ayre.

There will be 4 playoff divisions:

  • Top 4 teams play for Flaherty Cup (Division 1)
  • Teams 5-12 play for Division 2 Title
  • Teams 13-20 play for Division 3 Title
  • Teams 21-25 play for Division 4 Title


– All teams get 2 guaranteed games, some will have 3 depending on performance
– For Division 1 – 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 with winners playing each other for championship and losers playing for 3rd place.
– For Divisions 2 & 3 – 8 team single elimination bracket with losers playing consolation games
– For Division 4 – Teams 24 and 25 play a play-in game (likely first game of day) to form a 4 team bracket just like Division 1. The loser of the play-in will play the one of the losers of the semifinal round to ensure they get their 2nd game.


Q: How did you guys decide the structure?
A: Our League Committee sits down together and looks at all the factors in play. These include ensuring everyone gets 2 games, level of competition, scheduling, field availability, avoiding back-to-back games, avoiding too many games in the day – and the big one that we’ve heard you loud and clear over – ensuring playoffs take place in one day. The Committee discussed a number of scenarios, and then finally put forward a recommendation to the Board. Then, this gets put to the entire Board for a vote for approval.

Q: At the end of the Regular Season, do teams move up/down a tier.
A: Yes. There will be one more movement at the end of this round.

Q: How many teams do we have this year?
A: We have 25 of 26 teams playing in the playoffs this year!

Q: I sent in some feedback, did you take it into consideration?
A: Yes! And it was great to hear all the ideas/suggestions from the membership… on a few topics, the feedback was split right down the middle. It was great to see people so passionate! The League Committee used all this feedback to decide the structure.

Q: Why did you separate Div 1 and Div 4 into smaller groups?
A: This is never an easy decision, as we know people have a lot of opinions on it. In the end, it came down to two things… it provided the most number of teams with a level of competition that more closely aligned with their skill level and the level they have faced all year. And, second, it avoided a system of numerous bys in various divisions. This ensured a smoother and easier playoff day for all involved.

Q: So, who is the overall winner?
A: Well, using our ladder structure, the top team in our league will be the overall winner and take home the Flaherty Cup. However, we’ll also have some fun trophies for Divisions 2,3 and 4.

Q: How awesome is playoff day going to be?
A: So. Awesome.

Q: If my team loses a game, are we done?
A: If you lose your first game, you are out of contention for the trophy of your respective division; however, you will get to play again in a consolation game! Everyone is guaranteed at least 2 games!

Q: I want to watch the finals, will you be posting the schedule?
A: Stay tuned to our website to get the full playoff details/schedules!