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Outdoor Playoff Format

To clarify the Outdoor playoff format, it is one week only and 1st (Hammer Div) vs 1st (Scoober Div), 2nd vs 2nd, etc. The standings look a little messed up because we had to merge the divisions in order to set the schedule. Good luck to MC Hammer and Huck Dynasty in the finals being played at KGV at 8:15 on Sunday. Here’s the rest of it!

KGV 1 19:00-20:15 A Good Day to D Hard vs Chill Town (Playing for 7th place)
KGV 2 19:00-20:15 Flick of Destiny vs Team Licentious (Playing for 13th place)
KGV 3 19:00-20:15 Halloween vs Hucker Punch (Playing for 15th place)

KGV 1 20:16-21:30 Huck Huck Goose vs Imma B (Playing for 9th place)
KGV 2 20:16-21:30 MC Hammer vs Huck Dynasty (Playing for 1st place)
KGV 3 20:16-21:30 Barnes&Barnes&Barnes vs No Name Brand (Playing for 11th place)

Gus 1 20:00-21:15 Bad Ass Gangsters vs Game of Throws (Playing for 3rd place)
Gus 2 20:00-21:15 Town of Dildo Vs Minions (Playing for 5th place)

Annual General Meeting – Tuesday, Nov 26 at 8pm

RSVP here!

Before I get into the nitty gritty, here’s the exciting thing about the AGM this year: It’s going to be one hour. That’s our goal, plain and simple.

If you love the sport, want to see improvements or are sick of sitting on the sidelines, it’s time to commit (seriously, it’s not that much work). We need new ideas, and new energy, to continue growing this league and sport!

Come and listen, come and run, or come nominate someone else!

Here are the 4 things you need to know:

1. You can nominate someone in advance this year by emailing – if you think there’s someone who should be involved cause they’re plain old awesome, do it up!

2. In advance of the AGM, we’ll be releasing an Annual Report with financial, league, communications updates.

3. Here are our by-laws which explains how this all works.

4. Here are the Board positions up for grabs:

President – oversees the general direction of the league and manages the board members in their roles.
VP, Communications – Facebook, web updates, emails, promotion … you get the word out. You love internet.
VP, Finance – If you have any basic business knowledge, you can step up in this role… Just fill in some spreadsheets and you’re golden.
VP, Social – you like to have fun.
VP, League – Scheduling, league organization, team building… this is your gig.
Members at Large x 6 – You help the roles out above in getting down to business.


Indoor Fall

Our Fall Leagues are well underway, and Indoor Fall kicks off this Monday. For more details on the League, check out the info in the menu above.  We are trying out a new league format for Indoor Fall. Basically, the website will automatically decide the schedule based on the rankings of each team. The goal being that you will always play against a team each week that offers you the most competition. More questions? 

The mysterious magical ratings ladder:

– What it is? A system that match-ups teams with similar rankings in order to give teams even games for most of the season.
– How does it calculates rankings? It uses the USAU college ranking algorithm. Want to know more about it? Read here: OR find Tiago when he is bored and he will explain it to you.
– When are the rankings adjusted? After each game, therefore it is important that all scores are entered by Tuesday!
– Games are posted on a week by week basis.
– Is it going to work from the very first game? No. At the start all teams have the same ranking score, but as the league progresses, just like with a tiered ladder, the ranking ladder should even out the playing field.
– Will we always play the same team? No, you will play at least 4 different teams before you see the same team again.
– I still don’t get it! Find Tiago and get him to explain it to you, he likes beer and colourful shorts.

Summer League Survey Results – Q&A

This year we had some great responses to our survey and we take your feedback to heart. We also think transparency is essential, so read below for more information/details on some comments and questions that were asked.

 If you’d like to discuss anything further, email us at

The teams in Monday Hat League didn’t seem super even!
Every season, we work hard to make the teams as even as possible, and while we do put a lot of weight into self-rankings, we also use our knowledge of players to ensure they are accurate. BUT, there are always dark horses, new players and chemistry that we can’t predict. Making even teams is very very difficult! There will always be a team that wins most of their games and one that loses most.

Also, one issue we heard was teams adding players later in the season which disrupted some of the balances we created. When a team loses a player, adding a player is done on a first come, first serve basis from the waitlist. We know this isn’t ideal, but it’s what’s fair to people wanting to join the league. When recruiting players (no waitlisted players), we ask teams to find people of equal skill level when possible, which happened in most instances.

Tier 1 had to play the same teams the entire season.
This was a bit of a perfect storm. In a ladder system, the top and bottom teams will always face a little less variety than the other Tiers because there is not someone moving both up and down. Then, factor in that the 2 same teams went up/down between all 4 rounds between T1/T2, and it did decrease the variety a little bit.

We can’t really control (nor would we want to!) who wins and who loses.

I wish the schedule, teams, etc… was on the main page of your beautiful website
Changing our website wasn’t an easy choice, but it allowed us to grow and function better as a league and a Board. Now that we are over the growing pains, we are working on integrating the Zuluru back end with the front end this Fall. Stay tuned.

Some experienced players were placed on a team with mostly beginners
Our league is big, but not so big that some situations aren’t avoidable. When individuals sign up in small groups/pairs/solo, sometimes there just wasn’t the opportunity to build full teams of people of equal strength (i.e., 14 people who want to play more competitively, 14 brand new players, etc).

We did our best to create teams where all players would have a positive experience.

Early morning playoffs are the worst
This is a case of wanting your cake and eating it too, or whatever that saying is.  If we want playoffs in one day (a request we hear year after year), then that means some games are going to be early in the morning.

On a personal level, I agree, mornings are the worst.

Layout the full season’s schedule in advance
Hmm, this is a tricky one because of the ladder structure. All season, the schedule would be completed and posted in 3 week increments at the start of each round. We can’t really complete the next round’s schedule until we know what teams are going to be in which Tier. Also, teams had requests on nights to play on and we would work to accommodate those as well.

So, basically there is only one week out of 3 where the schedule is not known well in advance – that’s the best that can happen in this structure!

Don’t forget to check the website for your full schedule, and where you can download calendar appointments for your phone.

Also, the faster the scores get in, the faster the schedule gets done. Hint hint.

Why did some teams have 2 games in one week, it seemed unfair.
In the past, we scheduled games on Regatta Day. No one liked that. So, this year we scheduled games around that day. Unfortunately, that meant that some teams would have 2 games in one week because there just wasn’t enough field space in Regatta week.

To mitigate the impact, Board members volunteered to let it be their teams to have to play twice in a week. This obviously impacted their opponents too, but we felt it was the least we could do.

Also, if the schedule ever looks wonky, remember, there’s more to the story. We rescheduled and accommodated a lot of games this year, so other ‘2 games in one week’ situations were because of that.

We make the schedule fair and accommodating to everyone.

More notice when games get cancelled due to weather.
As a reminder, here is our policy, but sadly we are at the discretion of the City. Even sadder, sometimes the weather gets really shitty, really quickly.

We do our best to get the news out on FB, the website, twitter and by emailing individual teams. So when in doubt, call a pal or check online!

We are looking at incorporating a text alert system for future notices.

Get a deadline for teams to enter their scores.
There is one! 48 hours! Thanks to all the Captains who abided by this.

You should rank the teams at the start of the year by their players’ individual rankings and the team’s ranking.
Yes! This is what we do! We total a team’s player rankings (taking into account if a team has >14 players), and then rank teams from 1-26 on that score. If a player’s self-ranking is deemed to be not accurate by a significant amount by the League Committee, they will adjust to take that into consideration.

We want more clinics!
Our provincial organization pals at Ultimate NL ( are the guys who run the Clinics, and they did host a number of great ones this year. We’ll pass it along to them to have more next summer.

Someone had the suggestion of a roving clinic – whereby experienced players stay behind for 15 minutes or come a bit early to help newer teams, that is something we found exciting and will recommend for the new Board.

Summer League smelled really good.
We agree. Mahogany and maple syrup.

Less secrecy from the Board.
Sadly, the biggest secret I have is my Debit Card pin. But, I think there’s probably 2 things going on, all with great intentions:

  1. Sometimes, we just don’t have an answer. Whether it be on field space from the City, or it’s a decision a different committee on the board is working on, or if we’re waiting to hear back from someone, please don’t think uncertainty is a lack of desire to tell you anything!
  2. As a Board, we each wear different hats. Captains. Players. Boardies. Friends. And as a Board, we want to ensure we don’t show favourites to the various relationships we have in the League. So, sometimes, that means saying ‘We’re going to announce it on the website’ or, ‘you’ll find out tomorrow’. It’s not about being secretive, it’s about being fair.

As always, please, please, send us an email with any questions. You’ll get a prompt response. Promise. I love email.

We know you can’t control it, but better fields!
We’re working on it. That’s all I can say. We secured Bowring Park for a few make up games this year which was awesome, and are going to continue to try and get you guys the best fields possible.

We are working hard to increase the awareness of Ultimate at The City and we are making progress!  If you know of a field/ space that goes unused during the summer nights, please send us an email so we can investigate!

You should have a BBQ/Skills Day/Family Day!
Well, funny you should mention! Sunday Funday is back on September 22nd – see all the details here and drop by for some fun!

Consistent days for tiers would be great!
This is something we will definitely be recommending to the future board to investigate. With the introduction of Monday Night League, we did decrease the range of nights from 4 to 3… and it seemed like that was a positive step.

Whether it can be implemented comes down to a lot of factors, from fields to registration format, but it’s good to hear consistency is something people are into.

Spirit rankings as a tie breaker…yay! nay! huh? A whole spectrum of opinions…
I can’t really give an answer on this one, but I will say that the feedback was excellent and extensive. Sadly, it was not decisive one way or the other.

The current Board will be giving a recommendation to the new Board as to whether to keep or maintain, we will be using your feedback in a BIG way to make the decision. It’ll be up to them as to the next steps.

I loved the jerseys! I hated the jerseys! Were the jerseys different?
The jerseys were by a branch of our ongoing jersey provider (VC Ultimate) called Printed Performance. VC doesn’t do a lot of HUGE league-wide orders, but their PP branch does, which is why we were moved over there. We did not realize the sizing would be different, but hopefully it wasn’t too bad for people! Lesson learned. 

Bonfires are awesome
Agreed. We’ll look into them for next year.

The Board seemed happier this year.
We were. Big time. And honestly, it’s because of two things… all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and it was a lot less work and a smoother process. That makes out for less stressed out volunteers. And secondly, everyone was just a lot more supportive and understanding that we’re just volunteers – so thanks for that!

And seriously, your positive feedback makes us so happy.  Between your kind words in person, your amazing nominations (check out the note!) and the comments in these surveys, you’ve really made us feel the love and improved the spirit of the league this year.  You’ve made us a happy team.  If you’re looking to get more involved, start thinking about running! Our AGM invite will be coming soon and we would love to see all of you there.

Fall Outdoor FAQs

Q: Where are these fields… KGV? GUS?
A: KGV is King George V right on Quidi Vidi and Gus is Gushue Sports Complex in Mount Pearl (off Smallwood Drive). You can view maps on our website!

Q: I’ve never played before, what should I expect!
A: We love new players! Every team has a mix of new and experienced players, and Fall is a very welcoming league, so you’ll learn the ropes quickly. Take a read through our website to learn the basics –

Q: Do we play in the rain?
A: Yes. We’re tough cookies. But, if the weather turns terrible and it is dangerous (lightning, trees blowing over, etc…), please stop playing. As players, our personal safety is a call we all have to make.

Q: When are the game times?
A:  7 – 8:10pm and 8:15 – 9:25pm at KGV | 8 – 9:10pm at Gushue

Q: How do I know when I’m playing?
A: Login at and your schedule is there – you can even download iCal events (etc) for your phone.

Q: How are the fields numbered?
A: We create 3 smaller playing fields on KGV and Gushue, which facilitates some lovely 5 on 5 action. Field 1 is always the one closest to the entrance, 2 is in the middle and 3 is the furthest away.

Q: How did you make the teams?
A: Using your self-rankings, we strive to make 16 equal teams. So, the culmulative self-rankings of each team does fall within the same range. But, remember, there will always be a team that wins most of their games and a team that loses most – we can’t predict chemistry, break out stars, etc!

Q: What’s the difference between the 2 divisions?
A: None! We just split the league in 2 divisions so we can organize playoffs, etc.

Q: What colour shirt should I wear?
A: The website automatically gives teams colours, and many teams decide to wear that colour (remember, jerseys are not provided). But, when in doubt… Home = White / Away = Dark. No greys!

Q: I have more questions!
A: Write below or shoot us a note at

Outdoor Fall League

Outdoor Fall League STARTS THIS SUNDAY. By end of day Saturday, you should have received an email with your team and you can log in to see the schedule. We’re also working on getting  an excel sheet up as well for easy access.

You can still sign up for the waitlist if you’d like!