Mile Zero Ultimate

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Facilities List

All teams must respect the following rules for all fields. Note that some facilities have additional restrictions listed that must also be followed.

If fields are lost due to the actions of a particular player or team, they will be removed from the league.

There is also a map of all fields available.

Facility Actions

Mount Pearl

Southlands [grass] ViewLayout
Team Gushue Sports Complex [turf] ViewLayout

City Center

Bowring Park [grass] ViewLayout
Brother Egan [grass] ViewLayout
Feildian Grounds [grass] ViewLayout
King George V [turf] ViewLayout
Kitty Gaul [grass] ViewLayout
Lower Ayre [grass] ViewLayout
MQP [grass] View
Mundy Pond Soccer Pitch [grass] ViewLayout
Techniplex [turf] ViewLayout
Wishingwell WEST [grass] ViewLayout