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Winter BIY Bye Weeks

The Winter BIY League is using bye weeks to accommodate more teams. Below is the bye schedule for the entire league. Every team makes the playoffs and will play on Monday May 6th.

2019 Winter Build-It-Yourself League

For the 2019 Winter Build-It-Yourself League, we are planning to use the bye format again (similar to Winter 2018), to give more teams the opportunity to play. We have space for 30 teams in this league, and we are asking that all interested captains fill out the form here. The form closes Friday, February 15th, 2019 at midnight.

If you are a captain looking for players, or a player/group looking for a team, you can use the matchmaking form here.

For league details such as important dates and league dates, check out the league page here.

For this league, we will be using a variation of WFDF Gender Ratio Rule ‘A’:

What it is: WFDF Gender Ratio Rule A promotes gender equity by providing truly equal field time for both genders. The major benefit of Rule A is the fact that both genders get to play an equal number of points where their respective gender has the majority on the field. Mile Zero Ultimate is a co-ed league, and therefore we want to empower our female-matching players by providing them with equal playing opportunities on the field. We realize there may be some growing pains while we switch to this format, but we truly believe that this change will improve the quality of play for all players over time.
How it works: At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the gender ratio for the first half of the game. Halftime for all games will be designated at :30 to ensure equal playing time for both halves (captains cannot set another time for halftime). For the second half, the ratio must be the reverse of the first half.
For example: Team A wins the flip and starts on defense with 3 female-matching players and 2 male-matching players. This ratio stands for the entire first half. After halftime at :30, the ratio switches to the reverse; 3 male-matching and 2 female-matching players, and this ratio stands for the entire second half.

2019 Winter Social – St. John’s Edge Basketball Game

Hey MZU! This year for our winter social event, we’re booking a block of tickets for a St. John’s Edge basketball game on Saturday March 23rd at 7pm. Please complete the form below by Tuesday March 5th, so we can secure as many tickets as possible at a discounted rate. If we receive enough interest, we will contact you with details for ordering tickets. The price of the tickets will depend on the number of people attending, but will not exceed $15 each.

Fill out the interest form here.

Letters to Santa Survey

Christmas Eve is almost here, and kids around the world are busy getting their letters to Santa in the mail. Much like those kids, we know that our members have some ‘wish list’ items of their own, and we want to hear them!

The new Board of Directors for 2018-19 is structured into committees tasked with different responsibilities for the upcoming year. We would like members to submit their feedback to those respective committees. Each committee’s responsibilities are explained below. Please take a few short minutes to fill out the survey here to have your voice heard.

As an added incentive, Santa is giving out a present to one lucky MZU member. Anyone who fills out the form will be entered to win a Lighthouse Disc, MZU Sunglasses, and Free Registration* into the 2019 Winter Toque League!

The deadline to fill out the form is January 2, 2019, and the winner will be contacted prior to the start of the 2019 Winter Toque League (January 7, 2019).

*If the winner does not register for Winter Toque League, the free registration can be transferred to another player of the winner’s choice. The free registration covers the $60 league registration fee only; the winner/player will still be responsible for covering any applicable UNL fees.
**If the player/winner has already registered for the 2018 Winter Toque League, the registration fee of $60 will be reimbursed to them.


2019 Winter Toque League

Registration for the 2019 Winter Toque League opens Friday December 7th at noon. For league details and to register, click here.

Sign up solo or as a pair. Are you new to MZU? Take advantage of our New Player incentive and save $10 off the $60 registration fee.

2017-18 Annual Report and By-Law Changes

The 2017-18 Mile Zero Ultimate Annual Report has been uploaded to the website. Check out the Governance Page here. There were also a number of by-law changes that were voted on favourably by the membership at the past AGM. Those changes are also highlighted in the Annual Report.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Our new Board of Directors for 2018-2019 was elected on Wednesday November 14th at the AGM. Congrats to everyone that was elected, and thank you to our outgoing members: Tiff Warren, Mark Flynn, and Peter Thompson.

President: Allan Johnson

VP Spirit: Jordan Kavanagh

VP Communications: Rachael Fitkowski

VP League: Jason Murphy

VP Finance: Adam Drover

Members-at-Large: Gina Reid, Jill Henderson, Jess Wade, Dana Howse, Michael Walsh, Colin Martin