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Winter Hat League 2016 Starts Tomorrow

Hey MZU!

Our Winter Hat League starts tomorrow at the Techniplex! The teams are made, the schedule is posted, and you should have received an email from the league introducing your team to each other. Now pick a captain, and we’ll see you on the field.


Don’t forget to bring a black/white tomorrow until the color situation is sorted out.

Looking to sub? Here’s the sub form


MZU Board


Winter Hat League 2016

So our Indoor Build It Yourself League ends this Monday. Which begs the question? What now? Well, stuff your faces with treats, spend time with friends and family, and catch up on television shows. However, save some time on December 17th to register for our Indoor Hat League, as that’s just around the corner. The details are:


Capacity – 240 players (144 Male, 96 Female)

Team Composition – 10 player minimum, with a typical composition of 6 males and 4 females. (Note: Based on registration numbers, teams may have 5 males/5 females or 4 males/6 females at the Board’s discretion)

Field  Composition – 5 on 5, with a male to female ratio of 3:2 or 2:3, other team no required to match

Field – Techniplex

Format – 24 Teams, Speed Point, Wager Ranking System

Playoffs – Playoff structure will be determined by registration numbers. we are planning for a 2 or 3 week playoff

Team Building – MZU Board Team Building

Registration – Starts December 17th 12 Noon, Ends December 24th 12 Midnight

Signup – Register as individual or in pairs

When – Monday Nights from 8PM – 12AM

Game 1: 8:00PM

Game 2: 9:00PM

Game 3: 10:00PM

Game 4: 11:00PM

Duration – 11 weeks (January 4 to March 14)

Jerseys – Not included

Cost – $85 ($10 UNL fee if not already a member)

Get excited!

Also, don’t forget this Monday is the last day for the MZU Turkey Drive, please bring your donation to the game.

Any questions about the above, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Hi@MileZeroUltimate.Com

MZU is Catching Turkeys Again

This time of year is incredibly challenging for food banks everywhere. MZU is back again this year to try and help alleviate some of the food shortages in our local food banks by participating in the CBC Newfoundland and Labrador Turkey Drive!

For the next two games (December 7 and December 14) we’ll be encouraging members to bring a cash donation, with the goal of donating one turkey per team. Your Captain will collect the donations on behalf of your team.

But wait! It gets even better:

MZU will match up to 1 turkey per team ($30), or up to $750 worth of gobbley goodness, and then we’ll write the cheque to The Community Food Sharing Association. Gobble Gobble!

For all the fixins on the CBC Newfoundland and Labrador Turkey Drive check out:

#GobbleGobble #NLTurkey #CBCHelps

How Does MZU Schedule Games For Our Indoor Leagues?


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how we make the schedule, how we allocate the various time slots, and just “how does it work?” We haven’t discussed this league operations issue in a while so we figured it might be time to chat about the schedule:

How does MZU schedule games?

  1.  One of our top priorities when creating a schedule is ensuring that opponents are of a relatively even skill level. You’ll never see a scenario where 1st plays 16th, as we control for that using a rating system (described below).  We’ve also set the no repeats rule to 3 weeks, such that if you play a team in Week 1, you shouldn’t see that opponent again until at least Week 5. This ensures teams get to play a variety of evenly skilled opponents over the course of the league. At the click of a button, Zuluru can generate a schedule that matches two similar opponents, keeping in mind the no repeats rule. But we don’t stop there…
  2. After Zuluru creates this schedule, our primary focus is balancing that 11 pm time slot. This current league is 11 weeks in duration and there are four possible time slots (8, 9, 10, or 11 pm), with the exception of a few teams every team should get three 11 pm games. Given that we are going into Week 10 in the schedule, teams should now be expecting to play their third game in the 11 pm slot. We try our best to ensure these games are evenly distributed and that there are no repeats in that slot (i.e., teams do not have back to back weeks at 11 pm).
  3. Given how much effort goes into balancing 11pm games, we know it’s not possible to balance all four time slots evenly for all teams. Our compromise is to look at the 8-9pm games and 10-11 pm games together, trying to balancing the number of “early” vs. the number of “late” games a team has to play. Again, this is an ideal scenario but most teams should finish with a minimum of five games in the 8-9 slots, and five games in the 10-11 slots.
  4. Final reminder that this is an 11 week league, and the hope is that at the end of the league, everything should balance! Trust that the League Committee takes balancing the schedule very seriously and that every effort is being made to make a fair schedule for all teams.


The Wager Ladder System


Also, while we’re talking about scheduling… We’ve recently moved away from the USAU Ranking system we’ve used in the past, and have adopted a new methodology called the Wager Ladder.


(Copied from the OCUA web site)

In this system, games are worth a variable total of points, based on the final score. Each team contributes some number of points from their ratings value towards this total, but the amount they contribute is not fixed — it depends on their relative ratings. This contribution is that team’s wager contributed to the pot. The losing team wins back the number of points they scored, and the winning team takes the remainder of the pot.


Here’s how it works in detail:

  1. A team’s percentage chance to win is computed based on the pre-game ratings values. This will determine what percentage of the game’s value the team must contribute. For example, if both teams are evenly matched, they will each contribute 50% of the total. If instead, Team A has a 60% chance of winning, they contribute 60% of the total value.
  2. After the game is complete, the pot value is computed. The pot value is double the winning score plus 10. For a normal game to 15, this would make the pot worth 40 points.
  3. Each team’s contribution is calculated by multiplying the pot value by the team’s percentage chance to win. This represents the maximum number of ratings points that team could lose.
  4. The losing team then gains back the number of ratings points equal to their score. In an evenly-matched game ending 15-10, the losing team would gain back 10 points for a total loss of 10
  5. The winning team then gains the remainder of the pot. So, for example, if their contribution was 20 points, and they won 15-10, they would get a pot of 30, for a net gain of 10.


The schedule is one of the most painstaking tasks the Board does. We work really hard to create fair match-ups and have a fair distribution of time slots. As always, if your team has questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at OR on Facebook/Twitter.


See you at 11 😉


MZU Board

Mile Zero Ultimate Annual General Meeting Summary

The Mile Zero Ultimate Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday evening at The Elk’s Lodge was filled with great league news. It was one of the most attended AGM’s in MZU history with around 75 people eligible to vote (in person or by proxy). The passion for Ultimate in St. John’s, and in our league is incredibly strong. These are very exciting times for our league. The two main points of business was a bylaw amendment vote as well as the election of the new board.

The bylaw amendment passed with a 98% approval rating. This is an overwhelming mandate from membership that they wanted our eligibility requirements changed. Additionally, MZU is a membership run league. If you see a bylaw that you do not agree with, you as a member have the power to change that.

The Board of Directors election was also conducted. The new board are as follows:

President – Allan Johnson

Vice-President League – Chris Whittick

Vice-President Spirit – Cameron Segger

Vice-President Communications – Jeff Lush

Vice-President Finance – Adam Drover

Members at Large:

  • Jessica Wade
  • Mark Flynn
  • Alex Bill
  • Rob Langridge
  • Sherry Lythgoe
  • Drew Barnes


Additionally, with the election of the new board this marks the end of two MZU Board member’s exceptionally long tenure.

Michael Walter, served on the MZU board for the last 9 years. When he started, if you had asked him what he thought of Southlands Field he would have looked at you very confused, as the field hadn’t even been conceptually developed. Michael was involved in league and spirit initiatives throughout his tenure and helped grow the league immensely. With his decision to take a step back and be a regular member the board loses a tireless volunteer who always brought a positive attitude. See you around Mike.

Sophie Harrington, served on the MZU board for the last 8 years. She was very much the voice of the league, and has probably sent you a dozen emails. She was instrumental in creating the current league communication strategy as well as most of the back end infrastructure implementation. She was VP-Finance for a bit even though she “draws pictures for a living”.  The league runs as efficiently as it does because of her work over the last 8 years. Thanks for all your hard work Sophie and hopefully we can trick you into making a few more Valentine’s this year.

Thanks to those two volunteers specifically for their outstanding contributions to MZU.

Also thanks to the following outgoing board members for their contributions: Karen Lawlor, Mark Young, and Nick Hounsell.

If you have any further questions about last night’s AGM please email or write us on facebook.


Annual General Meeting Reminder

Hey MZUers,

As you know our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is this Wednesday, November 25th at 8PM at The Elk’s Club. We are all very excited to share with you a summary of what we have accomplished this year, and also elect our new board. Additionally, we will have a bylaw amendment vote. Here’s a few things to keep in mind in advance of our AGM:

1) Are you able to make the meeting? If you can’t make the meeting, you may vote by proxy. To do this, please indicate in writing to the VP Communications (Hi@MileZeroUltimate.Com) who is voting on your behalf. You can read all about proxies in detail here

2) Have you read about the proposed bylaw amendment? One of our members has submitted a bylaw amendment regarding MZU Player eligibility. You can read about the amendment here.

3) Have you considered running for The Board? MZU is operated by a group of dedicated volunteers, and it’s super easy. If you’ve wanted to get more involved in running the league now’s your chance! It could be as simple as “I’d like to help with administering the leagues”, or “I’d like to work on spirit of the game with MZU”. There are lots of commitment levels and roles available. You can read more about the positions  here . Also, if you have a specific question about a role, email any of the specific directors or hi@MileZeroUltimate.Com and we’ll work to get you the best answer.

Look forward to seeing everyone at our AGM!


Mile Zero Ultimate Summer League Survey Results

Mile Zero Ultimate Summer League Survey Results

Hi board members. We received a lot of fantastic feedback from members on the 2015 MZU summer league survey. We want you to know we’re listening, and have prepared a brief summary of the feedback we received.

We received over 60 responses, from a good mix of experienced and new players. The responses to the level of competition and scheduling, as well as the jerseys, were overwhelmingly positive, which we’re always glad to see, but we aren’t ignoring the few dissenters either. There were a wider range of responses on league social activities, subbing policy,

On what you liked best, responses indicate players find the league inclusive and particularly enjoyed the more predictable schedule.

This year we tried a new format: separate competitive (Flaherty Cup) and recreational (MZU Summer League) leagues. The response was overwhelmingly positive, particularly as it related to scheduling. There were several responses from members that said it didn’t necessarily affect them, and there were a couple of responses that the bottom teams in the competitive league were closer in skill to the top teams in the rec league than in their competitive league. A couple also expressed concern over the size of the competitive league.
There were a wide range of responses to our new subbing policy. Some wanted unlimited subbing, others wanted comp players disallowed from subbing in the rec league. There were several suggestions to limit comp subbing to the top tiers of rec league, and even one that if a rec team gets top competitive-league players the other team gets an automatic 5 points.

On balance, most competitive league players responded they were fine with the policy, while more rec league players disliked comp league players subbing in the rec league. The top concern certainly seemed to be competitive balance and fair play. It’s clear we will need to look at the policy some more, and may solicit more feedback in the future.

We also received an interesting proposal to try a mixed night once in the season where competitive league players are placed at random with rec league teams to try and help teach and lead by example.

Responses were also quite mixed on the idea of allowing players to play in both the competitive and recreational league. Some liked the idea of getting more field time and helping newer players learn the game, but there were a lot of concerns raised about competitive balance. There are a lot of logistical concerns, and it was interesting to see how many players recognized that.

There was some optimism, and a bit more skepticism, with the idea of specific-night leagues. Mostly, your responses indicated you would want more details first. Other scheduling responses included several concerns that 5:30 games were too early for players to make, especially in Mount Pearl.
There were lots of positive reactions about our gender equality week, including some who want to make gender matching a permanent league fixture. However some members thought it was a good idea that needed further examination on the best way to roll it out. In particular there were very split feelings about the double-point female assist though, both love and hate. The new board will determine if this initiative is something that MZU continues going forward.

There was also a suggestion to make teams pick a male and female all-star after games – this is currently an option for teams, but is not mandatory.

As for fields, members seemed to appreciate getting so much field space, but there were some concerns over Southlands (windy and more of a drive) and particularly Brother Egan (quality of the field). We had a few suggestions to add games at Bowring Park and Mundy Pond if possible. We’re working hard on this for the next year.

The responses to playoff day were overwhelmingly positive, with few exceptions. There were a few new suggestions we’ll be sure to take note of. While some members were open to moving to a two-day playoff, most told us they wanted to keep the one-day event.

On the question of whether every team should make the playoffs, all but two responses told us they should. Message received.

While some members liked the idea of a mid-season tournament, there was also quite a lot of skepticism. Responses were almost evenly mixed.
The most positive responses we received were on the value members felt they got for their money. We’re very happy to hear it. Several members called the league the best value for money of any sports league in the city, and one high-roller even suggested we raise prices. A couple of people said they missed the beer on playoff day and trust us, we missed it too.

On the matter of the UNL fee member responses were far more mixed, particularly regarding communication and how money is spent. We’ll pass along the feedback to them, and we encourage everyone to like their facebook page ( and join their mailing list.
On the social side of things, it seems the Rocket Room inspires either love or hate, though this time love won by about a 3:1 margin. There did seem to be a large amount of people who wanted to see award presentations at the party though. Someone even proposed some league-oriented activities as part of the party instead of just drinking; though most seemed to like that too.

As for the social calendar wish list, it seems many of you would like more mid-season events, and we’re listening. Trivia, bowling, open mic, skating (in winter), and pub crawls were all suggested, and several of you requested an outdoor event in particular – your attraction to Rocket’s deck should have been our first clue. We also received an interesting request to merge a skills clinic with a social event.

One person asked for more family-friendly fare, two people requested beer Olympics. Clearly, we’ll never be able to please everyone at once.

Especially the person who requested shorter surveys.

The Mile Zero Ultimate Board of Directors

By-law Amendment Proposal At the Annual General Meeting

Dear Mile Zero Ultimate Members,

Mile Zero Ultimate runs on the efforts of its members. As a volunteer board we rely on you to tell us what we’re doing well and what we can do better. According to our by-laws, specifically section 11.01, any member also has the right to propose an amendment to the by-laws. The board may present such amendments at any general meeting, provided that we provide membership with at least two weeks notice. Amendments to the by-laws require a two-thirds majority vote to pass.

The MZU board has heard from some members on the issue of 18-year-olds and their lack of playing opportunity. Such players are too old to play in high school tournaments or youth leagues, but are too young to join MZU. Other considerations that should be taken into account regarding expanding our eligibility criteria are: potential limitations on space, as well as by-laws mandating spirit events for members – normally 19+ affairs.

As such, MZU member Andy Porter has submitted a proposed amendment to the board regarding section 3.01 of the by-laws. Below we have listed the current by-law, followed by the proposed amendment.

The MZU annual general meeting will take place on November 25 at 8:00 pm. This proposed amendment will be voted on at the meeting. We encourage everyone to attend. If you cannot attend but want a say in the outcome, please consult s. 4.05 of the by-laws – available on our website – on proxy votes.

Current Text

Members shall be any person, 19 years and older on their first day of play in any league, who has paid the registration fee in a timely manner or has otherwise been granted membership by the board of directors and is still considered a member in good standing. No player will be assigned to a team until such time that they have turned 19.

Proposed Amended Text

Members shall be any person, 19 years and older on their first day of play in any league, who has paid the registration fee in a timely manner or has otherwise been granted membership by the board of directors and is still considered a member in good standing. Junior members shall be any person, 18 years their first day of play in any league, who has paid the registration fee in a timely manner. Junior members are non-voting members and shall only participate in leagues. No player will be assigned to a team until such time that they meet the above age requirements.


No Fall Outdoor Games October 11 2015

Hey Fall Outdoor Players,

Just a reminder that there will be no games Sunday, October 11th 2015 due to Game 3 of the ALDS (Toronto @ Texas) which starts at 9:10PM conflicting with some of the games. Kidding! Thanksgiving b’y.  Games for Indoor BIY Monday October 12th will be going ahead as usual. That schedule is now up on Zuluru!



P.S not saying we won’t cancel Monday’s games if game 4 is required.